Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
SUP CUZ !!!! Sorry I missed your Phone call the other day. I was actually on the phone with Greenhorn I think at the time, this dang board keeps me hoppin' ;)

ANyways, Keep us posted, Come around Hunttalk more often, I've had a buisy year bagging alot of critters. MAN, I've gotten into Duck hunting too.. I have 3 duck mounts back from the taxidermist and 6 more there. AS soon as the Geese hunting gets going next month I'll hopefully have a few of them in there too. It's a blast !!!

DIDn't take any of them jobs they offered eh ? That will keep you in the Asia Hell hole for awhile... Ohh well, when tyou make your kind of $$ it';s worth it right

KEEP us posted on the Hunting Expiditions !!! I'm excited to hear about the Canada bear hunt !!! Keep us informed on your Deer hunt you're going on too !!
I'm always up for a deal. My # is no secret ;)

(208)571-1ELK.... JUST don't call to early.. *L*
If only you could spell and put sentences together like the locals do. You don't get paid in Taliban dollars do ya?? If'n so, I got about 999,999 billion I'll sell ya.
Nope wolfman,
It is rather odd. An Amareican, working for a company based in Norway, living in Asia, but paid in US$.

Normally I would joke about Al-Queda but after seeing in the news that American's working abroad to support or have connections with the Al-Queda can be executed by the CIA! Talk about swift justice! But I think anyone doing that deserves more that just being shot!
Now Australia's John Howard has stated that he would declare war on any S.E Asian country alowing Al-Queda to operate, sure puts honest working folks like me at a higher risk! Now, not or only the muslems pissed at christains, but being a white person here is like having a target painted on you.
I joke about a bunch of this and do feel I am in a safe place! Wrong! The only safe place in out in the back woods hunting!
Happy Holidays,
I just can't believe it....ole'thump has been back posting on the board for 5 days and has yet threatened to whip or kill anyone
:D :D

He really must have the Holiday cheer!
Its a damn tough life bud. But someone has to keep the ladies in line, support the local taverns and suffer the burden of deciding where to hunt during the 60 days off each year ;) very complicated decision making!

After all these poor brown skin ladies have a tough life. Growing up in the country made the poor things firm as a rock with 0% body fat. Someone has to help society and support give us Americans a good reputation oversea's! Si I do my part and help out as needed. It is hard, but like I said, life is as tough as you make it :eek:
Why Ole' Flipper, you want to be the first :D
Na, had no reasons for a good net brawl lately.
Maybe someone can start one and up the ratings. :cool:
Actually my mind is solidly focused on heading on vacation and seeing what my last two "Duke em' ups" cost I figure I will follow Teddies advice,
"Walk softly, but carry a .444 catskul!"
Or was that something to do about a stick???
Season's Beatings,

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THump, You stay away from PhuKhat.. I don't want you getting preverted like the Elky Boys.. and the Fisherwoosies..


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