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Hey Colorado folks..Leftover license ????


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Jul 8, 2002
Whats the story this year on leftover licenses?? I saw the list on the website. They say first come,first served starting Aug 13 but they also say you can mail in for them after Aug 1.

I've done the get up in the wee hours and drive to brush deal. But the last time I did it I was first man at the door and they had us grab a number. I drew 99. I was one pissed off hombre!!

I just wan't a doe antelope for the freezer. Is that too much to ask???

If you have any insight lets hear it.


I wish I could help you there. This will be my first year trying to get a leftover tag. I know my dad got a doe deer tag last year and they had to do the same thing..draw a number. I think it's like that everywhere. I'm going to try to pick up a leftover cow tag (shouldn't be hard) and maybe a antelope tag if I can get one for public land (yeah right) . Good luck to you.
If you want a doe antelope for the freezer you can come get a blackbuck doe antelope right now, or anytime you want, with any weapon you want for $100 plus $35 liscense here.

In Colorado you can apply for a left-over tag by mail. But the mail applications get filled only after the walk-ins get filled. So pick an area with lots of left-over tags and a history of under-subsrciption. That's where there should be left-over tags still available after all the walk-ins have been served. This strategy will work for elk
but not for antelope.

There are very few left-over antelope tags offered in Colorado this year. They will be gone a few minutes after 08:00 A.M., picked off by people waiting at the doors. So don't waste your time applying for a left-over antelope tag by mail. :(

Wyoming offers lots of left-over antelope tags. I consentrated my search in southern Wyoming and found that most areas there have lots of private property and difficult access. I didn't look too close elsewhere but I've gotten the idea that there are better areas in northeast WY. Maybe the Wyoming guys could identify some places where the access is O.K. ;)


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I'll be the first man at the door..BUT...if they make me pull a number out of a bag again someone is going to get punched!!!
They'll make you draw a number again. That's the new system that was designed to keep people from camping out on the lawn. The number system means that there is no reason to get to the office before they start handing them out, which I think is about 1.5 hours before they start selling. Good luck!


I think maybe it's only the Denver office that makes people draw a number. It's been a few years since I bothered to stand in line so I don't know for sure but I don't think the Colorado Springs office draws numbers.

Once a buddy and I camped on the doorstep of the Gunnison office and they opened the doors 15 minutes early. That gave us/them an advantage on the whole state. By 08:00 A.M. they had grabbed many of the high demand tags. Seemed kind of unfair even at the time when I was first in line.


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