Make Bison Hunting Great Again

I'm ecstatic, but my celebration is very reserved. My thoughts are "what have we done?".
Perhaps my ambition has gotten the best of me.
It's 2pm.
We're 7.5 miles from the truck.
16 miles from camp via stock trail.
12 miles from the south trailhead.

If you made the roadless area into a target, we would be in the bullseye.

What's done is done- we came to kill a bull bison, and we've accomplished that! We'll get through this- it's just a matter of how sore our bodies will be at the conclusion.

I send an inReach to my Dad, my wife, and Coby. The first two to share the good news, and the last in hoping for good news.

We walk across the canyon and make our way up the slope to the bull. Holy $hit is he big.

With one look, we know we will want to get his feet downhill of him for butchering, as well as a few photos. We set our gear down and each grab some tree trunk sized leg. Deadlifting as best we can, we start to roll him over, using the fairly steep slope to our advantage. As he reaches the apex of his roll, I realize this was a bold move- we're above about a 20-25 foot sandstone cliff, which is down hill of us, and we have no way of stopping him if he keeps rolling.

"Whump!" He goes over once, than completes another roll. He's going. I've never seen an animal of this size fly, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to.

Miraculously, he stops. His back legs have done the splits, and somehow he comes to a stop on the stone, a half roll away from going all the way to the creek.

Relieved, we chuckle at our fortunes, and start snapping a few photos.

The hill and subsequent drop we about lost him off of- also, the amount of blood in an animal this size that comes out of 5 bullet wounds is quite shocking. I shot from the hill to the left.
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My once in a lifetime Book Cliffs bull- I could really have not asked for anything more!
Mid photos, my inReach went off- Coby says he'll be here at noon tomorrow with mules. What a relief! The smile only grew at that point.

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Great photos!
Congrats on the amazing bull what an awesome specimen. I also love that he was a backcountry buffalo hunt super cool.
Great write up that had us all coming back for more. Congratulations on an amazing hunt and trophy.
Wow, just wow! What a hunt and write up! Thanks for taking us along (hunting bison from the couch doesn't seem so difficult, haha)!
Congratulations on a true hunt of a lifetime. Very well written, felt like I was right there with ya. You’ve got some great buddies!
Great write up and photo's. Always wanted to get a Bison but something I could never afford to do right. Only hunt's I ever saw were go shoot one in a corral! At my age that hunt would not be possible but great reading about it. Thing looked huge lying there on the ground. I though, damn, I'd have to make two trips to pack that out, well maybe 200! Gotta envy you!

Truth be known, at my age and physical problem's I'd probably not been able to make the walk in! Loved all the photo's. Been through that area about a thousand time's driving out of Denver and Greeley, Colo, loved the trip through there! Been a lot of years ago! Thanks again!
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I think this is one of my favorite hunt reports I’ve ever read—serious adventure and an incredible bull. Your writing captured it in a way that made me feel like I was there. If I were ever fortunate enough to draw a bison tag, I would want the hunt to go down like this. Awesome stuff.

Impressive detail of your hunt. Loved every minute of it. Was poking around the interwebs to research griz populations in the Pioneers or lack thereof and stumbled across this site and this thread. Followed along starting with your October 31 opener and was hoping and praying that it would come to resolution by the 6th page. Pleasantly surprised by an amazing ending on the 5th page! Registered for an account and here we are. Thanks for the radical account. Looking forward to whatever you take next. Best of luck.

Great job! I am guessing 8-10 years old based upon horn wear.

Next hunt I go on can you please do my write up for me? hahaha

Love this! Maybe I missed this but what’s the plan with taxidermy?
Great job! I am guessing 8-10 years old based upon horn wear.

Next hunt I go on can you please do my write up for me? hahaha

Love this! Maybe I missed this but what’s the plan with taxidermy?
Thank you! I was hoping for a mature bull, and feel like he's a fairly representative bull. Not broomed or really chipped up in old age, but seemingly the oldest of his group- at least the largest in stature. I'll be anxiously waiting his tooth-age data from Matson's Lab, and will be sure to update the thread with the results.

As for taxidermy- I'm having the skull European mounted and the entirety of the hide tanned. I feel like I supported Wyoming small business on the drive home- hide in Thermopolis, Skull in Powell, Meat in Byron.
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