Make Bison Hunting Great Again

What an incredible story and adventure. Somehow missed seeing it till today and glad I did!

I am 15 years into trying for UT bison, and a couple years out from eating AZ cow bison tag soup.
With you being in Western Colorado, the Book Cliffs seem like such a great area to be applying for! Very unique country to hunt in, let alone for bison.
I've got double digit AZ bison points and will hopefully be able to hunt Bison again, either there or in Montana. I would love to see a few more states work to incorporate them onto their landscape in a manner that balances stockgrower's concerns while returning Bison to their historic range and offering additional hunting opportunities, much like Utah has done.
Yep, love the books, have hunted archery deer and also spring bear there. Dang, UT is proud of their bears, really tough to draw a tag! Think I was 50/50 in the max bonus pass with 9 points when finally drew bear. Fun hunt though.

Unfortunately, at least based on my 2-week cow experience, the AZ bison hunt, even for bull, is not going to be half the hunt you just had. A “pray they wander across the park boundary” type hunt. Look forward to drawing UT bison someday.
Somehow I missed this story earlier. Shame on me. It was absolutely fantastic! You did that tag justice. A true adventure. Congratulations!

Also, Lonestar is an absolute beast.
Sometimes I read a hunt write-up that leaves me feeling like I should paying for this stuff. Thank you for sharing and congrats! Great adventure!
Also, Lonestar is an absolute beast.
Lonestar saved us a lot of work! I do think with three of us we could have packed the meat out in probably 3 heavier trips, but the hide would have been a no-go just on the bulk of it alone. I've thought several times about just how that could have fit on/in any pack.
I seen an interesting post on Instagram. It highlights the cumulative nature of auction tags Ect… we look a say it one tag it doesn’t matter. IMG_5460.png
It’s always the off season in NY. Way to pollute a great thread with your sniveling crap.

Actually you correct, I mistakenly posted it here. It was supposed to go in the discussion we were having on auction tags.
My apologies
Does anyone have thoughts/opinions on the guided and guaranteed Blackfeet Tribal Lands bison hunt raffle that MT FWP is running? $10 a chance and you can buy up to 20 chances. $2500 owed to outfitter if you’re drawn. Not much info about the actual hunt on the FWP site.
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