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Ground Squirrels


Jan 21, 2001
Hows the squirrel huntin goin? don't most of us spend the off season packin are .22s or as my better half says (what off season)hehehe. my youngest daughter and I spent about a hour and she took eleven of them little buggers. she shoots a Lakefield, bolt gun and she is gettin darn good. H2M
we have kinda a ground squirrel here they call them skinnie's. They are all over in the desert and a blast to pick off with the 22's hadnt done it in 2 years now, maybe i will have to go out this weekend.naw If i go out this weekend its for coyotes...
I used to shott the ground sqirrels in selha washington alot I imagine there the same you are talking about.
Thats great you take your daughter with you, Pretty soon she will be as good as a shot as you are..

We've had a bumper crop over here in West Idaho this year. Went out Tuesday night and got probably a couple dozen, that was just incidental. Only went out to get serious on the main colony one day so far this year. Usually I get a few every time I go to the range as there is a fair sized colony right on our rifle range. Little idiots show up right in the field of view of your scope as you are shooting a group. Hard to put that fifth shot on the paper, if you know what I mean. Ranging is no problem as they will be on the 100 yard berm, 200, 300 or whatever.

I normally use either a bolt action .22 or a bolt action .223 sporter weight rifle, but have used a .243, .270, .308, 30-06, .30-30, .338 Win Mag and even got a couple at 200 yards with a .375 H&H!
Over by Boise Idaho the season has been long closed.. Not really closed but the Weeds get to be too high.... HArd to See um.... So there is still fishing I guess..... :D :D
fishing? Hey moosie I have some picks of a colorado elk hunt where a freind of mine went fishing for chipmunks....I thought he was joking but it worked.... maybe i should send them to you. I know exactly where these are also.. hehe


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