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Daughters first out of state hunt.


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Sep 23, 2021
North Mississippi
The 2022 plans were for my daughter and I to go to Colorado and hunt elk. I bought equipment and drew tags for both of us to have a bull tag, and then we started exercising and training. Well I had an accident a month before we were scheduled to leave and we had to cancel. That was going to be her first time ever hunting out of state. First time hunting something besides whitetail as well as I can remember. I’m still not ready or able to tackle an elk hunt yet! I felt like I owed her a makeup hunt though.

She’s always been a deer hunter. My hunting buddy from the time she was old enough to climb into a stand. Even though she has her own business and is a 21 year old young lady who is taller than her Mom and her Dad now. We still hunt together.
Hunting with my girls are the best hunting memories I have. I was there when they both got there first deer, both were bucks. My oldest got a four point and my youngest was a 12” wide 6. That’s still her personal best! She’s killed several deer but she’s never been a trophy hunter. Usually the first one out gets the bullet or the broadhead!
My oldest quickly gave up hunting once the boys started skulking around and she hasn’t been in ten years or more. She’s focused on her family and career now as I expected her to be. She wanted to be a nurse at three years old and has made a very good career out of it. Had us a beautiful granddaughter too!
My youngest though has kept at it. I’ve tried my best to get her on a good buck but somehow it always goes south on us. Maybe it’s because I want to see that big grin a big ole nasty rutted up buck on the ground will bring out of her so bad.

Which brings me to February of 2023.

My brother gets a call about a Kansas lease and he jumps on it. He drives up to look it over and the deer sign is everywhere so he spends the money and enters the draw for himself and his son to get a deer tag and I put my daughters name in the hat as well. They all successfully draw tags.

The second week of October my nephew is up first and he is doing a grip and grin by the third afternoon. IMG_0408.jpeg
We patiently wait our turn.
I pick the first weekend of November to schedule off work and it looks like it’s gonna be perfect….until it isn’t.

Last weekend it was cold, rainy and snowing and perfect weather for a big old rutted up buck to be cruising. The trail cam pictures were coming almost every morning and afternoon of just stud bucks. A couple over 160” even..those were at night though.

Then as I watched the forcast change almost daily the temps just kept rising. At first the hottest day was gonna be 63…that changed to 73 by the time we left.
We left on Thursday night around 9 and got here around 10 the next morning. We’re hunting hard…all day sits. We unfortunately have not seen a single deer. This morning was the coldest we will have. It was 39…as we sit in the blind now it’s 71. It’ll be 50 or so at night with highs in the low 70’s for the rest of our hunt. I’ve shown her every trail camera picture my brother has sent me and I can see how disappointed she is even though she’s trying not to show it. We’re maintaining a positive attitude though and we know that a big deer could walk out any moment.
So day three…
It’s our third afternoon…
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Good story so far, keep it coming and the best of luck to your daughter.

PS, how is your back doing?
I manage ok…I have some mobility issues. I’m not good at tying my shoes so I just wear boots all the time. You learn to adjust as my surgeon said!
I’ll update as the hunt progresses! Hopefully with some pictures!
Day five…fourth morning hunt. We had another uneventful afternoon yesterday evening. Last night and the first time in a week the bucks have showed back up in front of my brothers trail cameras! At night of course, but still they are on the 30 acre property that we’re on! One really nice 8 point pushing the doe around for hours across all three cameras so that gives us hope for this morning that they could be moving today. Once again we’re going to put in the time in the blind!
So this morning we decided to hunt the edge of the bean field my nephew killed his buck on. From the blind I put up we can see about 300 yards up the 100 yard wide field. It’s our only option on this small property for a south wind.
We got in the blind about forty five minutes before first light.

As dawn began to break my daughter noticed something in the field as far out as we could see and I threw up my binoculars. A deer!! Finally!!

The deer was walking slowly across the middle of the field and straight towards us. If she didn’t get of course it was gonna walk right in front of the blind. It wasn’t light enough at that distance to see a set of antlers yet, but it wouldn’t be long before the deer was close enough. I checked my watch…3 minutes until legal shooting time. This was gonna happen. Kaitlyn had already said she wasn’t passing on a doe after the last few days of nothing.

As the deer drew closer, now 130 yards, it was clear it was a doe and nothing was following along behind her as far as I could see. I told her it was a doe…she said “If I get a shot I’m taking it!”.

I set back in my chair and let her do her thing. The doe kept coming stopping occasionally to nip off a bean or two and then she’d close the distance. It seemed to take forever but she stayed on track. At 30 yards she stopped and looked directly at us. The arrow flew and the green lighted nock disappeared just behind the shoulder. The deer bolted off into the woods and the arrow fell out just inside the brush. We could see it glowing. She turned and had the biggest smile! “I drilled that one didn’t I!”

We decided to sit and wait for a few hours in hopes that a buck would come by but nothing else was seen. So at 10 we got out and went to get her deer.

I immediately got a knot in my stomach when I saw the arrow. No blood on it at all and it had the gut smell on it. She looked at it and immediately said “ that doesn’t make sense” I agreed. The shot looked low but I figured it was still in the boiler room.

We tracked the deer very easily at times and on hands and knees at others. The deer was going in circles in some of the thickest brush I had been through. At one point we were belly crawling under some kind of berry bushes. It would be steady blood for forty yards then nothing but drips. She kept going under these huge cedar trees and I thought she might be wanting to bed under one. So every time we got close to one we’d stop and look it over. My daughter spotted her first. She wasn’t dead. Now at this point my decision to tell her to leave her bow at the blind because it was so thick hit me as a dumb decision! One that will never happen again. The deer saw us and stood up. I could see the shot and it looked spot on, but there she stood, but she was hurting. I told my daughter to sneak back out to the road and go get her bow and I’d watch her. About 10 minutes she was back…she had flat out ran to that blind!
The deer hadn’t moved. A couple times she got a little wobbly. I told Kaitlyn that she would have to sneak around to the left to try to get a good shot because from our spot it was to thick to thread an arrow in there to her vitals. I was gonna watch her.

I watched as the little girl who had hunted with me for years all grown up and stalking like a predator. She slowly made her way around checking every single spot she put her feet. She’d look through the binoculars to check for a clear lane and then finally she got her spot and at 40 yards put an arrow right where it needed to go. The old doe made about three leaps through the thicket and fell over.IMG_4515.jpeg
This is a trophy I won’t soon forget and this hunt isn’t over yet.

After getting her out of the brush and snapping pics and checking out the shot. It was low, but should have done the job. We go back to the truck and are met by two sheriff deputies and the adjoining land owner. He was not a pleasant person but the deputies were professional and once they checked out her license and my credentials along with the proper lease paperwork they told him to leave. He looked at me and said you out of state f#%kers need to stay home. That’s when one of the deputies escorted him back to his truck. So that’s an interesting side note!

So doe tag filled and two more chances at a buck. We not eating tag soup though!
Glad it came together finally, good luck finding a buck!

I bet the a**hole adjoining land owner hunts CO every year.
Thanks and yeah probably so. Damn crazy thing is the guy my brother leased the land from offered it to everyone around there and nobody wanted it. What did they think would happen!
IMG_4519.jpegHad to send in paperwork for the deputies report. The sheriff deputies around here are nice folks. He called me and offered to take us on his place this Saturday if we weren’t successful on a buck. He said the other land owner was out of line and he didn’t want us going home with the idea all the people around here are like that. I had to decline because we both have to get back, but gave me a little better impression of Kansas folks!
Wow. That was some experience. Your daughter is a real huntress. She will go far in life.

Thank you for posting.
Last morning in Kansas. Cold, a little windy, wet from a thick fog that has cleared off! Perfect conditions to get deer on their feet.
None did!
Kansas hunt in the bag and we are headed out. We’re gonna be eating Kansas tenderloin tomorrow night!


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