8 pointer 400 yd dash,


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Nov 28, 2023
Dorchester SC 29437
Friday morning after Thanksgiving, just starting to get light enough to see down the 3 shooting lanes off of my back porch, my furtherest corn pile is 300 yds, @ 6 o'clock straight back the woods start a 100 yds from it, my reliable, most accurate rifle is on my shooting bench locked and loaded, I'm shooting Federal Fusion 180gr soft point, Aja my 5 year old female German shepherd knows, Dad is going to shoot something, she saw me when I got the rifle to go outside, so she is excited and anxious, bipod is down sock is under the stock, as I look down through my scope,oh hell!!! There's a deer on it, could see that it was a buck but couldn't count the points, so I steadied the rifle took a nice breath of air slowly, safety off,red is dead, I squeezed the trigger, and the crack of the rifle, scope still scanning where I shot, smoke clearing, all I can see is Aja full bore running to the corn pile, I had to chuckle, crazy dog I thought, as I'm walking about half way down the lane Aja is smelling where the deer was, and she goes to the right, when I get to the corn, I'm looking for blood and hair, this feeling of uncertainty coming across me, I know I didn't miss this deer, I look to see where Aja is at, she has her nose to the ground, she is a good 60 to 70 yds away from me, but she is definitely on to the deer, 20 yds off the corn pile, blood, a sigh of relief, I knew that I hit it, but usually the 30-06 has dropped the deer way short of where my dog is at, as I'm walking the blood trail is getting heavier and at one point a big puddle like the deer stopped, now I hear Aja freaking out crying, whining, as I get to her, there is a fence and the blood goes right to it, Aja couldn't jump it like the deer did, so I found a tree had fallen across the fence a ways down, she was back on the trail, we are a good 275 yds to 300 yds away from the shot place, blood is getting thinner to there is none, Aja takes me to a large thicket of bushes laurel vines, Aja ran around it twice, and I walked back n forth on one side to see if I could y around it, bout that time that dog bolted into that thick stuff and a few seconds later, the sounds of biting growling barking, I knew Aja had the deer, so she was close to the edge that I was walking around I stopped looking shit!!!!!the deer was 10 ft right in front of my eyes, the thing had laid down in a low area, front legs folded under the chest back legs under the belly, laying up right, and it's Head was laying on the ground like he was taking a nap, I got to the deer, screaming at Aja to leave it alone, I grabbed e horns and counted a really nice 8 point buck, unbelievable this dog, 400 yds away, would of never found it by myself, I love that dog checked to see where I hit it, forward of the shoulder in front of any bone and exit wound was in lower neck , no organs were touched, guess I hit a artery


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