GREENHORNS Secrets !!!!!

I don't remember saying half of that. Do you write it down everytime I say something stupid?
"WE always shoot it in the ASS"

"WOLVES.... No I don't shoot shovel and Shutup. I shoot them in the ASS. Shoveling is too much work"

"I hear your Wife is so UGLY that......"

"MY Name is cornholio I need TEE-PEE for my BUNG HOLE"

"Who has the best "POOP" story".


HAHA.... NO, I don't write everything down, BUT I remember the funny chit ;) (Some stuff I spell different too, But I'm trying ;))

YOU better never run for Congress, I think some of this stuff will come up

LOL GREENY..... FUNNY ATTITUDE and killin' CHIT, WHAT else is there in life ?
NOTICE the MAMOTH reference in the "GREENHORN SCORES" post....

I figured Since I know where he hunts, and since he is telling everyone .. I'll just post a map of where it is...

LOOK at the map at the top where it says "MAMOTH" and go down about 1/3" ;)


Foir more Clarity.. I zoomed in a little to help show the picture....He hunts right where the CROSS is on this map ;)

LMAO..... I am putting in for that spot next year for sure.. Thanks for the secret map....
You guys remember Greeny's elk from last year.... YAH.. HERE is a real picture with me and my gun..He claimed to have shot that elk openng day with his bow too...

Most of ya saw it, Here it is !!!!


YAH, NOTICE me in the picture.. ALL pictures are REAL !! JUST like ninjas !!!

BUT, wait.. I'm geting the picture developed of this years "REAL" story... Stay tuned, PICTUREs to follow soon
OK, Anaconda said THAT GREENY should write a book.... I was sitting here thinking of what exactly would be in this "BOOK" that he writes.....

HERE is some stuff I came up with....

"YES, I'd like to thank my NINJA THROWING, BUTT SPANKING, POOP TALKING, Hunters on"

"The SECRET is in the SPANKING"


"WELL... HOW ya KILL AN ELK.... First off, you wear these lucky undies.... then, Drink some BEER, buy a cow call, Hell, any call will do, go out and draw back 6 times in 4 hours and on the 6th time, let the arrow go and Drop that 7 point like a bag of CHIT !!!"

"YES, then HAVE your BUDDY weekend Warrior pack your 'meat'....."

"NINJA's RULE !!! I love them with my whole body.. EVEN with my PEE PEE"

"BRING a tub of KY to camp....."

"Practice, heck no, I just walk up there opening day every year and shoot them.. Doesn't everybody ?!?? "

"GUNS are for WOMEN, KIDS, and PUSSY's"

"I like to hunt them young... HERE is a picture of a fetus I once shot......"

"ENERGY Drink mix....If you drink to much you'll have to crap yout pants...."

"And personally, I think AZ is overrated. I mean it's nice to see a lot of big bulls. But trust me, it's a hell of a lot nicer to be able to hunt bulls, just as big, every fall for 10 weeks."

"My season lasted about 4 minutes and thirty seconds this fall. Bummer. Opened at 6:15AM and I shot this bull at about 6:20AM. Been seeing this bull this summer on a couple occasions. Shot him about 10 feet from where I saw him a couple weeks ago. Cow called once, he bugled, and ran right in. Shot him in thr ticker from about 45 yards up a steep slide."

"1. You need the colored paislies supplied by mt father-in-law, a great big cowboy from the Great Falls area. So far only people I know that has been given these are WW and I.

2. Don't know about the sheep. I can never catch them. YOu have to be from WY to master that. WW is from WY, maybe he can help.

3. I spank at least 3 times a day, except when hunting, where I pretty much spank non-stop. It keeps people I run into from returning to my hunting location.

4. As for scent, I just don't wash the undies.

5. WW has the chick part down. You should see his new one. WHAT A HAWG! We had dinner with them at a local place called the OASIS the other night... his chick cleaned up all our leftovers and asked for more."

"I'm going to totally flip out and chop off an elk's head and not even give a crap!

I'm going to slay a totally sweeet bull... and kick him right in the face.

Flying will really help my elk hunting..."

......HELL, I could go on ALL day Writing and Cut/pasting your BOOK KURT.. SHOULD I get started on it :D HAHAH !!!!... ANYONE have anything else to add ?!?!?! HAHA !!!
OK... I got the pictures developed.. I was sure there was something fishy about GREENY...

NOTICE the GEYSER in the back and the Buffalo... I'm not one to tell secret hunting spot.... BUT I think I know where he is hunting !!!! ALL we're missing is the Chineese taking pictures of him..... HUMmmmmmm WHERE ohhh WHERE is Greeny at ;)

DKO.. THanx for the reminder :D YAH, if I was to vote.. I like that one and the Guns are for.... lines ... HAHA !!!
That would be a great spot...After killing the elk. You could jump in the hot tub to get cleaned up. Then set and wait for the wolves or grizzlies to come by. The gut pile would make a great bait pile.... :D :D :D
HEHE.. GLAD you like them.. I had to fight hard to get the origional picture... YOU know mine are the real ones (LIKE NINJA's) and his aren't REAL.

Never mind about the book Kurt, Moosie done printed all your secrets !
Great Jellystone picture Moosie, I'm still laughing.
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