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GREENHORNS Secrets !!!!!

Thanks for giving away my hunting spots and telling everyone that you rifled the elk I taggged last year. Is there where I can say you shot it in the ass?
At least Greeny wasn't lying about the fog ruining his pictures, but common, if you had patience you could just wait for the geyser to die down! :D

even with picking a good spot and having competent backup, you're neglecting that other edge

research has proven that tight underwear reduces fertility by raising testicle temperature and thereby interfering with sperm production

when the male mind is freed of the distraction of procreation, anything is possible
Poop stories..... Funny stuff.. I have the best one though.. ask me if you ever meet me in person.
Elkhunter said:
Were we a little bored Moosie? :rolleyes:

Actually a Guest was looking at it on "Who's online" so I clicked on it and Started to laugh again so I thought I'd bump it ... I think it's "BUMP WORTHY" .. ;)
One thing I do miss is seeing Greenhorns annual accumulation of trophies and the associated stories, maybe you could get him to post some photos of his last couple of years Oscar?, I think the funniest thing was the video of Greenie shooting some big Elk and W.W was nonchantly asking him if he was using a .22

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