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Giving up Deer Hunting


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Yes I am :mad: At least deer hunting during gun season on public lands.

I took Vipe along this morning to hook up with coworker(Xbow) and his brother 80 miles away on public land. We get there over an hour before legal shooting time and we get into the woods. As we were leaving our vehicles a truck pulls in the same area we parked at. We go in and set up on a ridge overlooking a bottom. I am 50 yards away from Vipe (I wanted to keep a eye out for her) Well 5 minutes before legal shooting time the 3 assholes from the truck come walking in. One starts walking in to where Vipe is set up. Another one comes right to where I am at and starts coming in. I shined a light on him with my flashlight to stop him and he backs out. The guy walking in on Vipe finally backs out from where she is. Well after much racket this is how they set up knowing exactly our locations. One was 30 yards to Vipes right. One sets up 30 feet behind me at top of ridge and the other is 33 steps to my left(I paced em off before I left)

They made much noise and more while we was there. Finally after awhile Vipe signaled to me if she could go to Jeep. So she heads back to Jeep.
I kept thinking on many things . How unsportsmanlike they were and etc. Thought about doing many things also ;) Like standing 3 feet from them,firng off a few shells,making even more racket they did. But being there with others that I didnt want to mess up their day in the woods I left saying aloud "Fuggin Losers".
It is public land and they had every right to be there same as I. If I did anything I would be the one punished.

So we ended up driving around the area just to see what was happening. Ended up catching a father and 2 teens loading a big doe in truck. Stopped and talke with them. The teen girl killed the doe. It was her first also :cool: She told us how it happened with alot of excitement in her voice. A quote from her" I blew its brains out". She said that with a BIG grin also :D

So that was the bright spot of the day's hunt for us.
Damn that sucks Nut. We had a problem kind of like that last year when we were hunting deer. We were hiking into where we knew there was a few bucks. Well two guys were RUNNING to get there before we did. Yes, that sucked but luckily they didn't get a deer that day. That's cool about that girl shooting her first doe, I bet she was jazzed!! Did TE go with you??
Heck these idiots didnt even try to beat us there. They waltzed in like they owned the spot. Betcha they are still there right now.
But I also dont believe that any deer will be going that way until a few days after gun season is over.

Just Mom today. TE is pumped about going to camp next week and is getting his stuff together for it.
I bet he is!! Camping is a blast!! You guys takin a .22 or anything?? If you are in a place where you can shoot stuff I would bring it just for the heck of it. Let him try to pop a squirrel or something.
Oh and Nut.....what I would have done in that situation is went over to the guy pulled up a stump and started telling stories bout the good ole days....with a very deep loud tone, as long as he would sit there and listen ;) :D
That is why I liked bowhunting public land in IN better than gun hunting. It was nothing for me to see more hunters during the opening weekend than deer.
Nut thats why I don't like to hunt public land. Tell ole TK to be ready I think his going to get lucky again. :D ;)
Good idea FLIPPER. While he is telling storis, he could also be grinning real hard and playing a banjo to a certain well known tune. Every once in awhile he just needs to tell him to squeel like a pig. :D
nut thats the worst part about public land.hope you can find someone good enough to let you guys hunt on thier private land. :mad:
Yea Flipper I had thoughts of just going right up next to him and just standing looking over his shoulder and such. Plenty of other ideals also.LOL. Thought also about telling them that Hunter's Orange
turns me on. LOL

Holiday Inn LOL

Meathead... that is my goal someday.

Yea Elky and then tell em I thought they had a purty mouth. :D

1 pointer...yep it aint bad during bow on most of the public lands. Besides most of the hunters who use archery are more considerate than the "1 week deer hunter"

TK it is a camp for his school. He is the only one who is going. So nope he wont have any of that stuff with him. He might teach em how to read tracks there though.

tnctb The majority of private land I have access to is a 3 to 4 hour drive one way. Heck the public lands down in southern Ohio isnt bad either . More than enough to not be crowded. Getting some access to some private land around here is a priority for me. Just real hard to make connections if your not family or a friend. Then the ones I did get access too might have been public with all the others they gave permission to :rolleyes: .
Start pimping vipe out until you get enough to buy your self a nice piece of land...I dont like deer hunting enough to do it on public land...unless its in Idaho, montanny, or wy. They seem to hat that market cornered out there.
Hey Nut, where in Ohio are you? You'd be more than welcome to join our small hunting party for gun season next year. Anymore its just me, my two brothers, and a friend of mine in our party, so we could use another person or two when driving the bigger areas.

We have permission to hunt on about 2500 acres of farmland and wood lots, some of which we are the only ones who get permission for. If the Mansfield area isn't to far, it might be a good alternative for you.

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Thanks Jim. I live in Toledo just a little north of you. I go down to St,Mary's alot to visit with my friend Bill M. We should hook up for a lunch or something. Maybe even malpratcie could show up also. Get a Ohio "coalition" going on the board :D :eek:
Sounds like a good plan to me. I need to talk to malpractice about getting together for some rabbit hunting, so we could possibly make it a weekend afield. You reading this mal?
I'm sure glad I live here. Most generally, if you drive down a road and there is a truck parked along the road, you just go find another spot that isn't quite as crowded..I have had people when I hunted in Wa. that were that rude..I usually walked away breaking sticks and hollering, trying to help them as much as they helped me....LOL... :D
Thats not cool at all Nut.

Don't run itno situations like that much up here.

Fact you can pretty much go anywhere here and never see a soul unless you pass them on the raod in. Most guys road hunt here anyway, so if you like to walk and hunt all you have to do is get of the road and you rall by yourself.

Yea elkchsr...That is how I do it also. If somebody is parked in the vicinity I go somehwere else. I always have more than 1 place on my agenda for that day if I am going to hunt on public lands. During archery and even spring turkey it isnt bad. Can always find a place to be away from others. Of course it is in Southern part of state where I do that mostly. Just isnt many public lands close to here and they get hammered at deer gun.(A field of pumpkins).
Will be better now that it is colder. It will keep most of them home now.

Yep you guys are fortunate where you live. I keep telling all my boys to "go west" once they are adults. They can always come home for a hunt or two with Dad.

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