Leupold BX-4 Rangefinding Binoculars

From the "You've Got to be $hittin' me" Department

Gee Gib; you could get three or four of themKY deer in there!

Like, I'm going to strap a deer to my body and go parading thru the woods, during hunting season!!

Oh Yeah!! Send me a couple dozen
Wow I cant believe cabelas put that idea up there forsale, they are walking into major lawsuits if someone gets shot. I bet they pull it soon.

Your wearing blaze orange. Gee, nobody would shoot at a buck wearing blaze orange.......would they?? Doesn't look like a real good idea to me. But Cabelas will sell a bunch of em. Moosie would buy one to carry his Mikey D order.
I wonder if they all come with a nice buck like that??? ;) and why in the hell ain't his hands bloody :mad:

"Moosie would buy one to carry his Mikey D order."

:D :D

I'm jsut wondering how many of you Pansy's can Actually carry out a whole deer ? AND WHY ?!?!?

Why not jsut Debone the Sucker and walk out with 50# instead of the 150# you'd carry with the whole thing ?
Now just wait a min.. :mad: You mean that you don't have to bring the whole deer out 5 miles :eek: :eek: I've been killing myself for nothing

The boys are still calling me "Uncle Butthead" after the last time I packed one out :D Something about the unusual way I carried it. And I wasn't too worried about getting shot at where we were...and it was dark-thirty time we started out with it. I was more afraid of a big kitty mistaking me for lunch! :eek:

If you are carrying a deer in that knap sack, you deserve to get shot. ;)

Bonin' them out is for pansies, or was that smart people?
Looking at that picture, I'm assuming they mean you can carry out an entire boned out deer. No way could you fit the whole deer, bones and all, inside that vest. I think it's a pretty cool idea though. I don't see how there'd be any danger in being mistaken for a deer...I mean I know there are some really stupid morons out there, who can't be trusted in the woods with a gun, but somebody please tell me how could even a drunk moron mistake that upside down deer head attached to a blaze orange pack, for a real live deer? I just don't see that happening...except maybe in Texas on a game farm. :D
Oh my ribs!!! :D I was just wondering how many of you guys talk the wife into carrying out the head or rack!! :D Oh Gawd it hurts!!!n LMAO :D
...giggle, snicker, and likewise...chortle...
"Aw c'mon hunny! I'm lettin' you carry the purty part!" :D

Paws, do you remember the cartoon I sent you and DCD shortly after I ran across you guys? About the wife wearing the fur coat in the woods and the antlered hat asking her smirking husband, "So where's your lucky hat???"

Funny stuff!
MtMiller.. I don't know much about the pack.. But thats a DAM fine Hat you're wearing .. :D

I wouldn't think you'd be dumb.. Errrr... I mean Strong enough to throw a Whole deer on yer back. KUDOS
Gee Gib; you could get three or four of them KY deer in there!
That's probably true, Paws, but as you can see from this realistic comparison, it would be dangerous to do so because you risk impaling your nether regions:


Moosie, there was a recent article in Kentucky Afield about last fall's elk hunt in eastern KY; they talked about how much work it was to drag the carcass out of the woods. As I have said before, few people on this side of the river have any concept of quartering and packing. Too many dogs and cats. :D
MT- I think I recognize that tree in the background
Wrong state Tyler. A friend from this board shot this guy in MT this fall. It was less than a mile for the haul, so we did not bone the deer in the field. (insert Moosie comment right here)
As for the Wyoming buck, don't worry, only meat, hide and and horns came out on my back.
I wouldn't think you'd be dumb.. Errrr... I mean Strong enough to throw a Whole deer on yer back.
Oscar, that deer looks a little light in the ass-end. ;)


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