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Do I need to wear camouflage?

For bowhunters, wearing camouflage is a given. Your shooting distance is much too close not to blend in with your surroundings. However, for the rifle hunter, distance is your advantage so you really don't need to blend in with your surroundings. However, whether I am bow or rifle hunting, I prefer to wear camouflage because the clothing is specifically made for the conditions in which we hunters find ourselves. And yes, I wear a hunter range vest so other hunters can easily spot me and not shoot me. I am reluctant to wear a orange cap because it is a solid color and to easily spotted by wildlife when I'm peeking around cover at them. Camouflage patterns are made outside the visual color range of game animals with the pattern broken up. These hunters cloths are also made for all ranges of field temperatures. And just like the rest of your hunting gear, you will eventually have everything that suits you season after season. For the newbie hunter, I do a lot of my hunting shopping at the Army Surplus Store.
So, where is the question?
1. While archery hunting : Head to toe inc. gloves, face paint, head net, socks, boots, pack, weapon, phone, optics, calls. Much more effective if all camo patterns match. All of it stored in airtight container w rut scent wafers when not in the field.

2. While rifle hunting: May substitute orange or pink camo for any or all items listed above. No head net required, face mask/face paint optional, may reflect pro sports team allegiance. Camo must be visible beneath any legally required hunter visibility garment.

3. Driving to hunting and road hunting: Camo: above the waist, seat covers, beverage coozies. Hat acceptable on head or dash. Seriously consider camo wrap for truck, topper, trailer, OHV: Game won't hear it if they can't see it.

4. Shopping for sporting goods: Must be 200 cu. in., visible from any direction.

5. Church/Voting. See #4, may be worn under sport team attire as long as some camo is visible while seated in pew or beneath privacy curtain.

6: Trade shows: See #1 above.

Tattoos: Not official camo unless trademarked camo pattern.

Logos: The bigger and more visible, the better. Don't worry, game can't read.

Camo crocs: Combine comfort and stealth apropos to any situation, from casual Fridays, to reality TV appearances, to TSA security lines.

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