Free Access On Private Lands In Wyoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well it looks like the Wyoming G&F is taking a stand against landowners this year. Now when a landowner calls and wants $$$$$ for damage done by elk on their land, they will recieve no money unless they allow hunters to come on their land and have a depradation hunt. The # of hunters will be decided by the Wyoming G&F. The landowner also can not charge a friggin penny for access either. The landowner still can charge a fee for hunting, but if they call for damages and a depradation hunt is needed, hunters will have access at no charge if they want to collect for damages. It appears that Wyo. is tired of handing out money for damages and landowners are doing nothing to help.
Way to cool....
I like to see when these agencies get a set of gonads and quit being politicaly correct...
I guess it will be a waiting game between hunters wanting private land and landowners taking damage to crops or whatever. Good job Wyo G&F. Too bad I no longer live in WY.

I know of a rancher who tracks the herds on his ranch. The rancher allows hunters on his ranch to take cows only. The cow hunting is free. All the bulls are taken for money.

At lease you can take a cow. There has been some issues with hunters that were given access taking a bull instead of a cow. He now only allows hunters that have a cow only tag on his property.

you can bet thats what will happen the ranchers will let on doe and cow hunters but not buck or bull but i think this will benafit the herds.
it might bring the buck to doe ratio into better feed for bucks and let some bigger bucks grow giving us some good blood lines and also help the range.
i'm all for it way to go wyo G&F.
Way cool
Were do I sighn up for the cow tags
Ain't nothing that eats like a nice 2 year old heffer

Even if ranchers only allow cow/doe hunters on their land, more hunters shooting at more animals might scatter the herds and push more bucks & bulls back out to public land.
I personally don't think bucks/bulls should be shot on depredation type hunts. Killing the females does much more to control population levels.
Depredation hunts and hunting during the regular season are not very similar. As pointed out, depredation hunts are for cows. These hunts are usually after the regular seasons (because the elk aren't eating the haystack until the snow gets deep). So the landowner has already made his money on bull hunters. I doubt the landowner would give darn if someone wants to go shoot a cow off his haystack in January.

I could have killed as many $30 elk as I wanted to in January in NW CO. Just shoot them at the haystack. That same landowner charges $1000 to hunt bulls in his wheat stubble in November. But he sure wanted folks to come out and shoot cows in January. The DWM was going to get a kill permit and have me sit in the haystack and shoot them in the spotlight at night, but he didn't think he could give them away. Guess we could use some of those wolves down here.

I doubt the landowner would give darn if someone wants to go shoot a cow off his haystack in January.

The biggest difference is when it pertains to the anti gun or anti hunter that just wants to get damage funds for the G&F. It now stops unless they allow a depradation hunt allowing the # of hunters that G&F feels is appropriate.
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