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elk in the frezzer


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Sep 18, 2001
we did great 4 hunters 4 less elk in the great state of CO. got 3 cows 1 5x6 will post pics as soon as i get them
Good on ya' Wolf.. Can't wait for the pics and the BBQ.. Oh.. is that still a secret??

No pics and no story and I am supposed to say congrats?????? :confused:

Will wait for pics and stories. :D
Sounds like you had a great hunt, twolfd3!

Glad to hear that someone's thinning our herd. Only about 91,496 to go. :rolleyes:

The DOW estimated the pre-hunt population at 305,000 and wants to reduce the herd by 30%. With the all time record harvest being 60,000 (only 40,000 killed last year), I'd say it's an uphill battle.

Congrats again. I love hearing about success! ;)


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Way to go twolf3d, sounds like you guys had a real slay.
We are expecting a story with lots of details & photos.

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