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Elk Down Part II


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well to tell you the truth, I was about to give up hope. I spent a lot of days in the hills this year and came home on the weekends to rest my weary bones and to allow the horse to rest. Although I did see a lot of elk, I only saw a couple of bulls worthy of taken and neither of them offered me a shot. Guess that comes with the territory. The past two days I did not see anything except more wolf tracks. That sort of reassured me that elk must still be in the area though. No wolf tracks would surely mean no elk to feed on. My favorite spot offered nothing yesterday and there was a group of 4 in there hunting so I hit one of my other spots, sat and watched the old burn area for awhile while I had my cup of coffee. Then I headed over the ridge and across and up to another ridge which would give me an unbelievable view. It was as I was approaching the ridge that I was conteplating taking a cow if the shot arose. Well low and behold as I got near the edge and looked down, there was two cows, then anothere, and then a spike, then a calf and elk everywhere. They started to run off when I saw only one decent bull to shoot at. By now they were at least 300 yards off. Then all you could hear was KABAM as I let loose with a 300 grain Nosler Partition from my Model 70 375 H&H. Yep, it got Christened today on a 5x5 bull elk. Well after breaking my ass to get down what was more like a cliff with sagebrush and worked my way down through the deadfall and over a couple of knolls he was just laying there. Well it is at times like this that one can only do one thing, and that is to pick up the phone and call Moosie with the news ;) Well it was about 8:00 AM that he went down and was 2:30 before I hit camp.





Great pics bill, but you were suppose to put the hat on the horse's head.....

nice bull as well....
CONGRATS to you Bill ;)

You sure did put in alot of work this year for your elk. Glad to hear it paid off :D

Did ya have enough gun
Thanks Nut

Del, the hat kept falling of my horse's head everytime he went for more grass and I didn't have any tape with me.

Kiwi, I had my Hunt Talk hat and my Hunt Talk shirt on. Moosie didn't have any Hunt Talk undies for me.

Hahaha Moosie. I hunted hard all year to find one with a Hunt Talk hat on it

Thanks TE!

You can neve have too much gun Flipper. Next year I want to Christen my 458 mag. or my 45-70.

Thanks Kraven. It was all worth it.

My patience was starting to wear thin Oak ;)
ditto on all the above--the HUNT TALK undies are probably to HOLEY for us scallywags, I mean upper crust of humanity----chris
Congrats on a beautiful bull!!!!

Now hurry up and head over to unit79 and tie up a cow for me!!!;) Again, congrats on the hard earned bull.