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DHI (Deer Hunters Of Idaho)


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
As Most know, I'm taking over the Spot as Pres for DHI after this Sat.'s banquet. Hopefully I can MAke a Go at it and still maintain my Unpolitically humor that has Made me so Popular ;)

We have an Article coming out in Thursdays Paper on the organization and what we do. It talks about what we've done over the last 15 years. Take a look at it if anyone is getting the Boise Paper.

Also, we will be on the Radio KQFC 97.9 FM 9:30 this Thursday the 19th. We are going to have a Contest to the callers and going to be giving a pair of tickets away to the banquet on the air. I will be on as well as the Current president Rod Bradley. SOMEONE from here needs to CALL in And GIVE a Shout out to me !!!

I don't know Moosie, I am a loyal Spud Brothers listener in the morning but I guess I can reprogram the phone to dial KQFC - JK!! I will try to listen in on the radio show tomorrow. I think it will be interesting to hear you on live radio. Just remember, don't say 'fugger' and 'chit' on the radio, you will give DHI a bad name! HA HA HA!!
Man. Now that is a scary thought to think of Moosie
with a microphone in front of him
boy look at his followers he has got just on the net now he is in the radio waves also
;) Way to go Moosie step up to the plate and start swinging. Good on ya mate! :D I'm sure you'll make a big diiference with your drive and determination. Let's hear it for da man! Moosie for president!! :D ;)
Whats Funny is I'll need to tell myself not to cuss :D I might wear a Suit like I'm going to a meeting. If I'm kicked back in a Lazy mans outfit it might slip ;)

Seriously though, I was told on another site I'm doing it for personal gain. they called it the "OSCAR WILLIAMSON" show... :rolleyes: I sure don't see how spending A LOT of time getting things done with A LOT of meetings and A lot of money out of Pocket gives me personal gain ? I get "ZERO" $ back from the organization. I think All I get out of it is further knowlege AND.... knowing I'm doing something usefull for a change ;)
Tell em to stand up and be counted or lay down and be mounted, Moosie style
I for one think it is great what your trying to do and will make a diffrence for the better.
Do your thing man, Don't let them "haters" get ya 2nd guessing. I new to DHI and your site but can tell you have passion for our way of life and piss on those whom are un-educated in the need to get the messege out there.
Sometimes you need a Steam roller to pave a road, and in doing so you unfortunately kill some bunnies.

I'm not sure WTF that Means but I'm sure I'm the Driver ;)
Mossie just out of curiosity, How long have you been a member of the DHI organization? Plan on becoming life member myself not sure the cost. By the way my brother-in-laws, dewain and lance said you were down to earth, glad to see it. Theres alot of hunters out there who lose touch with that when they get a little recognition.
HELL.. I got NO recognition, I'm more average then the Average JOE.. Matter of Fact, I think they labled that show after me

I haven't ever killed a big buck either.. GO figure
Taken alot of Medium sized one. NO worries on my head getting big. If I do, I hope someone Punches it to deflate it

I'm jsut out to Have a Good time and Keep the Smiles coming. Thanx for the Compliment though. It really means alot !!!!
Moosie, for the most part I think DHI has almost no voice in North Idaho. In fact the only thing I know about DHI is that Steve Alderman(sp?) was president a couple years back and that you are the new Pres. The only reason I know Steve was pres was from an article in Eastman's a couple years back.
Moosie, you should go back to that "other" web site and tell thoses rocket scientist that they deserve some of tha "personal gain" themselves, so you'll expect them to show up at the next work party with a friggen shovel !
I raised my hand once and vollentered to be the Pres. of a club. Two years of hard work burned me out on the sport ( so I took up hunting again )
Good luck with the Idaho deer Hunters, and don't burn yourself out.
Burn Myself out ? HEll, Web site going, wife/3 boys, I worked 67 hours last week, DHI banquet stuff, going to get the HuntTalk magazine off the ground.... I'm feeling a bit bored ;)

Now it's close to 11 and I have a 5am Raquet ball date in the AM. then at 9:30 I have a Radio spot plugging DHI for a 1/2 hour. Dump it on
Moosie, Just remember, YOU are a Draftsman. When the engineer can't make it work, he takes it to a Draftsman. When a geologist needs to make a map work he takes it to a Draftsman. So I think they made the right choice, someone who can make it work!..............Don't screw this up!
WELL... THE Radio Spot is done. It was fast, Knew and Pretty cool.... But the Contest that we were going to have didn't happen, the Ball got dropped I guess :( Ohhh well, Caller #5 was happy anyways ;)
Moosie - When was the radio show? I started listening at 9:31 and stopped listening at 9:59. And I never heard a thing about the banquet. Sorry I missed you man...
I think it was Right around the 9:35 Mark ?!?! I have it recorded but it's not long. It was one setting and we we plugged the Show and talked about what we're going to be doing there. I didn't say Much (for a Change) It's all new to me

Wished ya would have caught it. No Wories, We'll get some Air time next year, And You'll her enough of me at the BAnquet
I think I caught most of it. I just happened to turn on the radio at about 9:25 and heard a few minutes of it. I thought it would have been a bit longer but oh well. I heard them joking about "passing on the crown" or something like that and I was hoping they would have mentioned the winner on the air but like you said - there's always new year. I am curious to hear what F&G has to say though. Way to go Oscar.

I got out of my 9a.m. meeting about 9:30a.m., turned on the radio, equipped with metal coat hanger and started flipping to country stations. I didn't remember the radio frequency being posted (and I see that it was), and the call sign does nothing for me. I never did hear it, but what I did manage to do was listen to country for the rest of the day, as opposed to the typical classic rock.

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