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  • David, thanks for the post about 6a. I just moved to Austin,TX from NC. I am planning a 3-4 day scouting trip in early August, to Sedona w/ the family maybe mixing in a grand canyon visit. I have never been to 6a. I know 3a/3c a little from my antelope hunt in 3a last year & helping a buddy on his Mulie hunt in 3c. He was going to help me w/ 6a, but he drew 4b, so I am guessing I am on my own. Any places you recommend that you don't mind sharing for me to start my scouting? I am not a road hunter, have a strong back and legs, so hiking in and packing out an elk does not worry me. My 25 year brother will be with me as we'll. I've been doing some scouting on google earth in the sw portion of the unit. Are all those roads I see in good shape? after a rain? Are most of those water tanks on the maps full and used? I plan to call my buddy in Az thus weekend to get his input as well as talk to the wardens soon. Appreciate any encouraging words. Cheers, Jesse aka NCArchery
    I really don't have any info on 27 as I've never hunted it--haven't been lucky enough to draw it yet. I know there are some good elk in there. I would post that question on the open board and see if you get any help. Most guys are too stingy to give any pointers about units but it's so difficult to draw AZ (even as a resident I've only pulled 4 tags and I'm 42) that it doesn't make sense not to share.

    It's hard to get away from roads in AZ--they're everywhere, but when you find a pocket in between, you'll find elk. I think bringing the mules is a good idea only if they won't be spooked by quads. Lots of them will be buzzing around--something else I guess I just don't understand.

    Best of luck to you and your boy. I think you'll do fine and I'll share any info if I come with any.
    Saw your message about unit 5, My boy and I have tags for 27, do you have any info on that unit or know anyone that does. This is my first time down there, plan to packin with my mules to get away from the roads
    appreciate any info, Dennis
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