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  • Hi - Greg Townley here - Drew 42-2 in 2007. Hunted near the Oregon border just north of the Owyhee river. Lots of sheep there in 2007. Hunted nearly all 16 days. Saw about 80 sheep and 14 rams including 2 bombers. Passed up shots on smaller rams. Had a great hunt for not filling. I believe in that area, currently the sheep numbers are down. Would like another 42 tag. Have fun!
    Thanks for the reply. I don't get on as much as I used to so I'm a little late on the reply. I've heard it's down from back then but still some to be had. I've been out twice and still haven't found any sheep yet. I'll head up again this weekend. I'm looking forward to this hunt. Have a good one.
    Excellent bull. I'm hoping I get out archery hunting next year, nice story and great pics. Antelope starts here in Colorado tomorrow, drew a buck tag with 10 pps. Getting a little excited, probably not much sleep tonight. Take care and congrats.
    Andy Dockins (Big Slick)

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll take a look and send them some stuff. Really cool of you to give people heads up on this stuff.


    I posted a father/child contest for an expense paid trip fishing in Florida in Fireside. You can view the entries. I think you'd have a good chance submitting those pictures of you and your family fishing from a week or two ago.

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