Deer are not wintering well in central MT


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Jul 7, 2001
I had a meeting in Lewistown last week and saw quite a few dead deer in some hay yards and many more that looked to be about done as well. Pretty depressing to see deer that are not even able to perk up their ears. :(

With lots of winter left, it doesn't look good for the herd.
Went out about 3 weeks ago and saw some about 4 miles from my house and they where pretty rugged looking and then we have had alot more snow since then so I felt I am going to leave them alone till spring or better weather. I hope they make it. Bad winter this year for them here in Southern Idaho. We have 3' drifts in my front yard.
Thats too bad. Western Montana's winter hasn't been that bad, but last weekend my brother found a mulie buck that died. It was a nice buck that scored 167 B&C. Then He took my dad up there in the Bitteroot mountains and they found a little 4x4 whitetail that had been killed by lion. On the plus side they saw 3 Bull elk one good 6x6 and two smaller, and they were seemed to be in good health.

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South Eastern Ohio looks great. Had a group of a half dozen went downtown window shopping the other day! :D Quite a site; all were healthy and seemed to know what they were doing.
The winter-kill in my part of the country looks to be spotty. These pictures were taken about 60 miles from each other and fairly close to the same date.

I saw these guys alive a couple of days before I shot this picture. It was apparent when I saw them the first time that they would be dead soon.