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D-Day doe+!!!


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
I went hunting with my buddy RogerB on D-Day 2002. Its got additional meaning now, deer day!


It has a big hole from a 223 14 inch bull barrel on that Thompson Contender. I must have hit a rib.

Its a day in our memory forever!!


Roger is retired army and VietNam era. This was the last day he could hunt this year, so he went ahead and tagged out.

This ranch had a lot of deer this year, he found out they wanted to shoot a bunch, so he and I showed up at the right place at the right time on D-Day 2002!

You shoulda strung them up on a line like fish and posted it in the fishing section..LOL....Then you could have really showed them how to fish Texas style.. :D :D :D
I remember its a 45 grain 223 that comes out of a rifle at 3600 fps. I'll have to edit this tomorrow and post the actual bullet after I check. I figure going that fast it has more energy than a 55 grain bullet that is slower.
Looks like a great day in the field. There's going to be an awful lot of skinnin' and guttin' going on somewhere.....

I'd sure like to see a picture of that bullet when you find it...and a picture of the hole also....


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Ok, I'll bring the bullet picture. I don't have a picture of the hole but Roger saw it, he can comment on it too. Skinning and gutting, now comes the eating! I dropped my doe off at Rhodes Taxidermy/meat processor to get some hamburger made out of it. Here's what they had there, when I got there.


Some mule deer from west Texas, some hogs, some more whitetails. There ought to be a few exotics there too, but they're hard to pick out. I kind of like going by that place, you never know what you'll see there.

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