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My second buck of a lifetime.

Congratulations! Sometimes a little perspective is needed! I have said this before but wives and families are pretty easy to come by. In fact most people have them, but few ever even see a buck like that. Good work on getting it done.
It's actually not a good buck at all, tell you why, he's got no excuse to ever go hunting again. Agree with the other post, go give your wife a holiday.
Strange post of admittance. If you truly feel that guilty, sell the horns to cabelas and put the money in a college fund for your children. That’s got to be some kind of record.

Either way, nice deer.
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Congrats on a great buck. Whitetail hunting can sure be a mental grind at times. I had a target buck last year that I finally killed on the last afternoon of the last day of late primitive season. But my kids are grown and I’m retired. I’ve got more time these days.

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