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Live from the Cutover -- The 2nd Annual Poor-Boys-Public-Land-Hunt-Club New Year's Day Deer Drive


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Jun 25, 2018
North Carolina
Last year, a buddy and I went on the last day of our season and did some deer driving. It was only the two of us, so we had pretty limited success but we did manage to jump a couple deer. No shots were fired though.

This year, we decided to give it another go but to invite more people so that we could better cover the areas we intend to drive. Initial invites of 8 resulted in 6 "yes"s and that dwindled to 4 who will be there today. Not as many as I'd like, but should be enough to have some better results.

I'll try to update this thread live as we go through the day. Rendezvous time is 0830 to give time for everyone to get childcare taken care of and so that we don't have to worry about someone showing up after we've walked in and started driving.

Right now, I'm making coffee and getting my stuff together. It's cool but warmer than yesterday, should be fine weather to beat through some briar patches.
The shirttail boy is with Nani and Pops and I've got the wind behind me. Beautiful morning, seen quite a few deer in the fields. Hopefully they go to bed soon so we can jump them up.
That looks like a big chunk of woods! Did you just look at topo maps trying to figure natural travel corridors and funnels to decide where to put standers and drivers?
This is the south, where every tract of pines is gridded out with logging roads. Makes it pretty easy to set up.
This is the south, where every tract of pines is gridded out with logging roads. Makes it pretty easy to set up.
Awesome! We have some old log roads that we use to mark our drives too. On another drive we use a power line clearing to mark the standers. Makes it a lot easier to get deer out too!
Last day always was all dogs on the ground in eastern north carolina. You need dogs. Maybe you are in in the part that is no dogs but damn it is fun….
Always a good time to get with buddies out on a deer drive. More about the time spent then the kill.
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