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Jan 4, 2004
Hettick, IL.
There are all kinds of cover up scents and scent blocker suits on the market today. There are those people that hang their camo clothes out in the dairy barn to pick up the scent of the cows so they will blend in when they hunt down behind the barn in the pasture. Has anyone ever hung their clothes up around a wood fire to pick up the smoke smell since there are a lot of people that burn wood? I have been out hunting several times and have smelled wood smoke knowing the closest house was 3/4 mile away. It seems that in my area it's not uncommon to smell the smoke. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever thought of this as a cover up scent?
It is not uncommon for me to stand around the campfire with my hunting clothes on. Hell my hunting duds always smell of smoke. I don't think it has hurt me in the least, but has infact probably helped me.
I agree but it depends on where I'm huntin. If I'm hunting in an area where it is packed with hunters ( north Kiabab archery deer )I also like to get my clothes all smoked up! What better cover scent is there? If I'm out where there is no camps I like to where my noscent clothes and just take a bath in cow elk piss. I've had lots of deer and elk down wind of me and they dont even seem to flinch when I got a fresh coat of piss on. It also keeps everybody out of my truck and away from me for a few days!

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