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Canadian influence


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Dec 1, 2002
Kamloops, British Columbia
I figure you US boys need a little Canadian influence on this here site. You all need some civilizing. I saw some crazy prick eatin his whitetail deer raw!!

So howdy to all.


Yes we could probably use a little Canadian influence. My favorite drink is VO & water and I love Victoria too because it is probably the most civilized city that I have seen.

But I'm not so sure that we need any civilizing. That part of us Yanks that is uncivilized just might be the best part.

Welcome aboard.



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Welcome to Hunttalk, Goat! Don't think you'll have much luck settling this crew down, though. ;)

Got any goats or sheep or moose or bear or...up there in Kamloops?

Welcome to Hunt Talk Goat, glad you are here to help influence us.
GOAT, Pull up a stump anytime to our Campfire !!!! Share a stry fro mthe Civilized Country. You know that most of us here only Dream to Visit such a place that you call home !!!!

WELCOME Aboard and If there is anything you need, JSUt ask..... I'll start you offf with a cold BEER... Domestic of course, The Improted stuff is for People that have over 10 posts ;)

Seriously though, Glad you're here ! Share a story, I know you got one !!!!
Welcome to HuntTalk Goat, you shoulda got a pic of that...It would have been very cool....!!! :D :D :D
glad to be here fellas.

Colorado, naw we only got hot women and cold beers.

Moosie, I only drink domestic beers. I think you have it in the US too. BUDWEISER!

Hey!! i was the prick that you saw a picture of eating my deer raw. No offense taken ,unless you worded it different and said you saw me eating his prick raw! then i would come to Canada and show you what its like not to have handgun laws!!
But really, the reason i like this message board is they aint civilized here, its all fun and insults until someone kills something, then its all hunt talk.
That photo was for the goofy picture contest, some eat entrails, some wear fag pants!

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schmalts, ol son, no offence intended. If your determined to eat your deer like so I'd recommend starting with the liver etc. gots more vitamins for your chewin.

Last falls goat hunt with my hunting partner guarding the camp.


Got her going on now boys!!

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Now that looks like the Cascade Mountains where I hunted alot....But unless that pic was in Wa. then it is not...Raw meat, huh fellas...I could do that!!! :D
Hey, Goat. How cold is it up there now? Its supposed to freeze here tonight for the first time this fall/winter, so it must be down off the thermometers up there?
Blows here lots to Jason!!


Where I live it is semi arid, not unlike parts of Texas. Average winter temps are around -5C or 23F, summers are hot and dry. We get max 8inches precip a year.

Our snow level is around 5500 feet right now, so I can hunt dry ground or go sledding in 5 feet of snow.

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Welcome hombre! At least you have good beer up there...what & where do you hunt up there?
(Ive got some cousins from Kelowna - that lake is a howl in the summer!)
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