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Back from WY (long, but a pic)


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Jul 7, 2001
Well my first Wyoming deer hunt was a success. I did not shoot the biggest deer in the state, but did alright.

1-pointer went up with me on two days before season, but we mainly spent the days setting up camp and glassing nearby. The next day we slept-in but checked out an area near camp. We did not see any deer, but did find some elk and heard some bugling. Tyler had to take off around noon (something about work
). Or maybe it was because I could not find any deer.

Anyway, after he left, I checked out a new area. I ran into a pissy cow moose with a calf and three small bucks. Not the monsters I was hoping for, but it was obvious with Tyler gone, my luck was improving

Opening morning I trudged up the mountain, but only heard elk bugling. About 9 am I found what looked to be a good escape route and cooked up some grub. Before I had the water boiling, I heard deer coming. Over teh next five minutes I watched 8 flipping skinheads walk within 50 yards. Guess I would have to look elsewhere for the fellas.

The next morning I went high. I peaked out at 9,800', but saw nothing but outfitters and horses. They looked at me like I was an idiot (guess first impressions are usually right on). I decided to slowly work my way back to camp and work on a plan for an evening hunt.

I was only about 1/2 mile from camp (BTW, a 1/2 mile as the crow flies is definitely much different than what I had to walk up and down.
) when I finally found some fresh tracks. This was reassuring and I really took my time. Suddenly, I noticed the ass end of a deer bedded in a quakey patch. I sat down and tried to move up the trail to get a look at his melon. It was at that point I noticed another deer within three feet of the other buck. I put him in my x-hairs and put it on his forehead. Unfortunately he was staring right back.

He didn't look that impressive, but I didn't want to move too much and send all the deer out of the area. After about two minutes, and much deliberation, I decided he would do.

With the bipod down, scope on 10x and him at only 75 yards I sent one through his neck. Boom, his head drops and it is all over. Now the crazy thing. The other buck did not move. Oh crap, could it have ricocheted (sp) and killed both of them. Finally I see the other buck take a breath.

Now what, I am praying that this buck doesn't stand up next to his dead buddy and show off a 30" rack.

I sneak a little closer and he busts out. I am trying to get him on video and did not get a very good look until he is a couple hundred yards out. Well, he looks good, but not great.

Anyway this is probably the better of the two bucks, but not the bruiser I had hoped for. There were 10 other hunters that I know of hunting this area and I had the only dead deer as of yesterday.

I hope to draw this tag again next year and hunt it a little differently. I think there are some good bucks to be had, I just need to learn mountain hunting a little better.

Here is a shot of the guy before the real work started.

Sorry for the rambling. It took me 7 hours to get him and my camp out and as of now, I have had 3 hours of sleep in the drivers seat of a Tacoma in the last 33 hours. Time for a nap.
Nice, tall buck mtmiller! Congrats!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I have had 3 hours of sleep in the drivers seat of a Tacoma in the last 33 hours. Time for a nap. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Glad to see you have your priorities straight, and got the story and pic up here before bed.

Congrats MT, that's a great looking buck.

Hey, Pointer was with us in Canada too, hummmmmm.....
j/k Tyler
Atleast you wiped the milk off his lips before taking the pic.

Congrats on another nice buck...
This is poor quality since I pulled directly from the tape, but you can see where the other deer was even after I shot. My deer is the one on the left (duh).

They were buried in there pretty good and I think this was one of the few locations where they could be seen.

I still can't believe that the second buck didn't even flinch after the shot or when his buddies head hit the ground.


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WOuldn't you have chit if that other buck got up and he was 36" 9X12!! He he, cool picture man, congrats on a good hunt and getting two good mulies this year!

Ernie, if he had been a 36" monster, we may not be having this conversation. In fact I may have still been out in the mountains digging a very big hole
(maybe a wink, maybe not).
Congrats buddy!!!! That is one fine buck. I must be bad luck or just the fact that I'm a 'gimp'! Thanks for the pic and story.
That is a nice buck mtmiller. Congrats to #2. Looks like you are well on your way to a fantastic hunting season. Thanks for the pics and good story. Looks like you also have you Hunt Talk hat on.
Damn.... No wonder Mule Deer populations are on the decline in the West... MTMiller is whackin' them all... How many more Mulie tags you got in your pocket???

Congrats, and cool picture off the Video.
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