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Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Finally figured out how to make more money..This topic has been going back and forth for a few years now.. Now I think they relise that is a gold mind there so they are goig to take advantage of it... will keep ya all informed as I get the info.... This was a cut&paste(OMG I did a cut&paste) from thee AZ game and fish website ..

"Should There Be A Permit System
For The Kaibab Archery Deer Hunt?

Should a permit system be established for the archery hunt on the Kaibab Plateau and Arizona Strip areas?

That is one of the recommendations being put on the table for consideration when the Arizona Game and Fish Department conducts its annual public hunt meetings across the state in January and February.

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission Dec. 8 approved the “Guidelines and Recommendations for the 2002-2003 Hunting Seasons.” Those recommendations will be available by Dec. 14 on the department’s Internet Home Page at

Game Branch Chief Tice Supplee explained that the draft “guidelines and recommendations” for the hunting seasons are used by wildlife managers in the six regions to prepare their annual recommendations for next year’s hunts.

“The Flagstaff Region is recommending we go to some type of permitting system for the archery hunt north of the Colorado River so that we can better regulate the number of hunters and the deer harvest,” Supplee said.

The Kaibab archery hunt is just one of many “recommendations” being put before the public. The guidelines will be distributed at public meetings in January and February at 11 or more locations around the state. More than 500 people attended such meetings last year. Public comments will be accepted by letter and e-mail through March 1, 2002.

The public comments collected during this process will be provided to the department’s six regional offices for consideration when they are preparing final hunt recommendation packages. The final recommendations will come before the Game and Fish Commission for consideration at its April 13 meeting in Phoenix"

I hope not, I would like to make a yearly tradition of coming down there w/o the hassle of applying!

Just a little more information on the possible Az. G&F future action:

Yeah, G&F is looking to go to a draw system on the N. Kaibab for archery deer to relieve the overcrowded conditions that typically takes place on the archery hunt . They estimate they have over 3000 archers that hunt the Kaibab and are looking for public input on possibly going to a 2-hunt season with approximatley 1000 hunters each . The seasons would be Aug 30-Sept 8 (bucks only) and Oct 18-24 (any deer); units 13A&B would open to a archery drawing system for bucks only.

NOTE: This is DOWN from a 4-week archery Kaibab season in '95, to a 3-week archery Kaibab season since '96 (coinciding with archery elk), to the now-proposed 10-day archery Kaibab Sept. season (1,000 tags?) to be followed by a ONE-week any deer archery Kaibab season (1,000 tags?) in late-Oct.

A question came to mind: will this Oct. archery "any deer" season follow a jr.-only 1,000-tag antlerless deer hunt like that held Oct.5-8 this year?

Do you see a trend here? These proposed seasons sure look like archers are losing more and more days afield ...

IMO, I'd go along with a divided 2-hunt archery season up in Kaibab, but maybe 2- or 3-weeks in duration EACH (start the first season the same time as the archery deer season in the rest of the state; immediately follow that season by the second, which would start the same time as the archery elk season)! The number of Kaibab archery hunters wouldn't be as compressed at one time (less stress on the deer herd), yet they'd have a more reasonable experience hunting longer than just ONE week.

What do some of you who archery hunt in Arizona think?

The G&F proposals will bring about the following as a result of a permitted archery hunt on the North Rim: the extra $5 application fee; 10% cap on non-residents on permitted hunts north of Colo. River; and an archer who drew this permit could not apply or receive a drawing rifle permit, but could still purchase an OTC archery deer tag for the rest of the state.

No actual permit number amounts for any animal were presented at this time; however you can contact AZGFD department and ask for a copy of guidelines and recommendations for 2002 hunting seasons, or check their website ( for more information. They are asking for input at public meetings in January and written comments 'til March...

well I know this post will piss off a lot of archery hunters. But here goes anyway. I think it's about time the archery hunters started carrying their weight rifle hunters have been paying permit fees for many years. And are season is very short period. muzzleloader hunters only get a very few units to hunt in where the archery Hunter gets every unit in the state. Also the archery hunters can hunt during the muzzleloader season which takes away from the muzzleloader Hunter permits. I believe if you're going to have separate hunts then keep them separate rifle, muzzleloader, archery, archery hunters should have to put in for permits for every unit just like the rest of us pay your permit fees and quit whining

Let the spanking begin
Archery hunters cannot hunt during a muzzy season unless they draw a muzzy tag.... IfI drew a rifle tag I could hunt with a bow just the same as if I drew a muzzy tag I could hunt with a bow.. But you do have to draw a muzzy tag to hunt in a muzzy season, with a bow or muzzy....

Ive been hunting in the kaibab for about 20 years now with last year being the first season I missed.. Ive seen a big increase in archery hunters. However 99% of the archery hunters up there now go up for 2 days just thinking there going to get a deer, Most couldnt kill a deer if they had a rifle, most dont even see deer in the kaibab archery hunting...most of the archery hunters up there hunt within 10 miles of jacob lake and the deer herd in that area hasnt been good since the early 80's. about 75% archery hunters up there road hunt only, and by the time they jump out of the bed of a truck to shoot the deer is gone..

Game and Fish know this is a way to tap into a great resource called MONEY and they are a money hungry gov. agency.
unit 13 a&b and unit 12B still have the same amount of hunters they had back in the mid 80's due to MOST of the new bow hunters are lazy and dont want to drive the extra 4-7 hours it takes to get there. So why they would put this up for draw tags I have no idea..
I still belive you will find more bow hunters in unit 22 and unit 20a than in one weekend then you will see in the kaibab the whole hunting season...

I can still go into the kaibab and see 50-100 deer aday So I dont belive the deer herd is suffering any..

If they do goto a draw they are going to loose in the long run with the out of state fee's..

The probelm with the split season is you would infact have 2 opening days(so to speak) and for some reason people think that opening day is the only time to hunt, you generally dont see many hunters after sunday 12 noon when they all go back home... Most dont come back to hunt during the week and or the following weekends...

If they want to cut the number of hunters down there best bet would be to start the season after the laborday holiday...Thats when the kaibab has always had the most hunters(3 day weekend)

I've only archery hunted the Kaibab twice, but I think some regulation is called for. The Kaibab plateau is one of the greatest natural resources we have in Arizona and after two years of road hunters, kicking beer and pop cans around and listening to loud music at night and watching and listening to four wheelers cruise the roads all night and all day, I'm ready to see some regulation thrown in. It's certain that the numbers of people running around during the archery season really don't regulate them selves.

It would seem that we, as hunters, should want to preserve the Kaibab for the future. So maybe our kids would have a chance to go there and hunt and thier kids and so on. From what I've seen, everyone is trying to use it up faster than it can regenerate.

As to the money idea, who wins if AZGF makes some extra cash? Do they get new equipment? Do they get to hire more game wardens? Will they pay the game wardens they have a little more? Are any of these bad things? Maybe it's time that we, as hunters and advocates of hunting start thinking about wildlife and where the next generation of hunters will find game. :cool:
Let everyone bowhunt up there. There is plenty of room! Those that want to waste their time fighting over the closest waterhole to a saloon; let them have at it! They can leave the rest of the forest to the hunters!
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I haven't hunted the Kaibab since I was a kid. I had buck fever so bad on a great big 4 that I shook like a dog crapping peach pits. I'd love to get back up there and get my dad one more chance to take a Kaibab buck. I'll have to see how the elk draw goes before I decide whether I put in for archery up there.