Any ideas on Scents.

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Sep 8, 2002
I have used Scents before but never am sure they have worked. I read where people put down a scent trail or hang one up and deer come right in. I just don't seem to have that luck. Anyone use a scent they could swear by? I am serious about my scent control and have chances to shoot bucks every year. (NO BIG BOYS THOUGH)So I let them walk. BUT I don't think the scents I have used do anything. Have tried several brands.
I love using scents in the rut (which is the entire season here in MO) while stand hunting. It can work like magic under the right conditions.

The buck I got last year came in to my stand like a german shorthair on a hot pheasant trail. I was using a grunt call and rattling box too, but he was definately following the trail I laid out a couple of hours before. I had two other bucks on another day that seemed to come right in to the doe in heat scent, that I passed on. Its definately something that if used correctly, you will see more bucks.

The main thing is if you are going to do it take great pains to pay attention to all the details, and do it right. Most importantly, use rubber boots, frsh scent pads/rag that you keep ultra clean and as human scent free as possible. Not paying attention to this probably does more harm than good.

I used "Code Blue" doe in heat last year, and in years past Tinks 69 with success.

Good luck!
I'm batting about 50% on attracting scent.
My best luck has been using Dominant buck urine. I have seen MANY mature bucks while using that and I have even killed some of them;)
Last year I killed my best buck to date
(138" here is a good buck), I used "buckstuds dominant buck" in those little plastic containers 5 to a card.
He came in down wind of the scent but I think a buck snort wheeze from madd calls is what pulled him to the opening.

Hey speaking of code blue, My bro in law and I met the guy who owns that company last week. He just bought the local diner in the nearest town to our farm and fixed it all up fancy like. He came to ask how our steaks were and started talking about how they
bottle that stuff and that thier big selling point is all the pee from each bottle comes from just one buck. He said this made a big difference........I may try a little when our pre-rut is hot late december and see if it works for me. Can you picture a buck peeing in a 1 Ounce bottle
:D :D
Oh yeah,
My BEST day of hunting was using doe in heat!
See we can shoot a doe or two EVERY DAY of the season in Alabammy.
Anyways, I saw a heavy horned buck chasing a doe in a grown up cutover. He was a FINE
buck 4 or 5 years old about 22" main beams
NICE! but the other side was broken off.
I could see the break when they bedded down across a draw. I decided to let him have another year to grow and I wacked the Doe.
base of the neck anchored her on the spot.
It was a wide open grassy spot with thick over your head crap all around and it was crosswind from me. It was cold so I let her lay and the buck hit the road,
....ELEVEN bucks came to check her out!!!! I am still kicking myself for forgetting my video camera that day.
I watched a 1-1/2 year old try to mount her
for 20 minutes but she kept sliding down the hill side. When another buck finally ran him off he had blood all over his feet(up 4 or 6"on his front legs)
from trying to get her up to get on top.
He even tried to get some with her on her side. It was CRAZY :D
The problem is that I hunt mostly public ground. If there were that many bucks around they would get smacked by someone else. I hunt big timber and some thick stuff. I use it to confuse the nose as a deer would have to be 50 yards or less for me to see them. Our hunt starts tomorow so I am excited. I am tring some James Vally scent called Leathal Weapon.
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