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Another Option for a HT Alaskan Hunt Next Year


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Aug 10, 2002
Was sitting here thinking, and wanted to throw something out I have always wanted to do and that is go to Kodiak for blacktail. I'd prefer to hunt Kodiak over SEAK for deer anyday, but the thing SEAK has over Kodiak is the fact you can hunt bear, sometimes black, or both blacks and browns(at least for me).

Some of you may have knowledge of the boat charters for deer Kodiak is famous for. I've never heard a bad thing about them, and hear it is a blast.

You get to sleep in a cozy and warm bed, hot meals which most of the time includes fresh crab from the pots YOU set. The sea-duck hunting is some of the best. I've never hunted ducks...maybe someday someone will take me, and am not real big on them, so this would just be something else to do while out. However, I do know there are some hardcore duck hunters here that might find this appealling.

Hunts can take place as late as December. I'd recommend going in Nov if you want to catch the deer down low. I hear it isn't much of a hunt then, more of a wack and stack killing spree. Most of the brown bears will be in hybernation, although I assume there are probably a few stragglers out then.

Price would cost roughly $1600-$2000 per person (depending on who you go with) to get on the boat, plus roundtrip tickets to Kodiak, and then your deer tags and license.

The advantage to hunting by boat is you get to cover a lot of ground.

I'd still prefer to hunt POW, simply for the trophy bears, but if your not interested in getting down and dirty and hoofing it up above treeline for deer, the Kodiak hunt might be a bit more appealling.

I know this season is just now starting off, but I like to start planning out a year, even if it is tentative.


Here is a link to one of the charters... Kodiak Deer Hunting

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It sounds interesting, but I wouldn't be able to make it. I am going Moose hunting in Alaska. I just found out about a 14 raft in Fairbanks, and $725 air charter. It is for the big Moose.

If you just want to whack a Brownie, let's go up to Kodiak in May, and float the Karluk for Kings, and camp out and shoot Mr. Brownie as he comes to steal my fish. And hell, if you want to whack a blacktail, let's just call is "subsistance"....

I definitely want to do a float hunt for moose. That hunt you speak of sounds like a weiner and the guy who set it up most know his chit, but I have just one problem I haven't shared with you yet...I'm tasked to deploy in Jun 04 for 3 months (just found out right before I left for Alaska). That gets me back right at the end of August, IF and only IF the military doesn't decide to extend my stay in X location.

Thus the reason I am trying to take a look at all my options. With the military, nothing is ever guaranteed until your on the airplane, and that isn't even a guarantee. That not only goes for coming home, but for leaving too. Hell, it is a good possibility I might not even end up going. I hate being in limbo status, and I don't want to put anyone else in that same situation.

I would take my chances with booking with this guy, because I know he would have no problem with giving me my money back. It is more or less the commercial tickets I'd have to fight with if I were to get my trip delayed AND above all...putting you through the BS of not getting to go. The tickets would be fairly inexpensive to change or credit.

Gonna kind of hold out for a few months, and see what the word is around work before making firm plans. Right now I definitely want to do my brown bear hunt in May, and then the Moose hunt w/ you in Sept. The POW would be a great 3td hunt, and the money isn't a problem, but the time off is. Two 10-15 day hunts would exhaust me of my leave, and that isn't even taking in account trips with the wife and kid. She wouldn't be so kind to leave me a cheesecake recipe
if we split, and that is exactly what would happen if I don't take her and the girl somewhere this year.

So now you know how I am looking for the projected hunts. If you can stand to wait until say...December before we firm up this hunt, I'd appreciate your patience. Like I said, I hate to jerk people around, just isn't fair.


As long as the River is still there, and the raft is still there, that just means the Moose will be even BIGGER in 2005.
(And for me, a trophy is anything bigger than 57 3/4", as any putz can shoot one of them....

So, not a problem waiting a while to see how things turn up. By mid-February, I know what Float permits we have drawn in the Forest Service Lottery, and that let's me know how many "family days" of vacation I will have on the Rivers. This year was 10 days on two big trips.

And I think I may have just booked one of my "adventures of a lifetime" for next June. So even with a post-ponement on AK Moose, I will still have a busy year. Moose would be even better.

And then November-04 is when we will have our late Bull tags for Idaho.
(And one of these next years, the State of AZ is going to send THAT Bull tag to me in the mail...

And your idea for the Kodiak Boat hunt is a good one. I mentioned it to Moosie one time, under the idea that it would be more "social" if everybody ended up at the same table each night... (vs. drop hunt for Caribou, in pairs...) The Charter boat would also be a good "Intro to Alaska...", where you get some Alaska adventure, but a bit of a "safety net" also.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>As long as the River is still there, and the raft is still there, that just means the Moose will be even BIGGER in 2005. (And for me, a trophy is anything bigger than 57 3/4", as any putz can shoot one of them.... )<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


That was funny!

Don't bail on me yet for the moose. If I can make it happen, it will...have faith.

This adventure of a this anything you can share with the HT public? Is this a hunt, or are you running water? Whats the deal?

Ovis, thanks for the information and this is something I may be very interseted in.

Let's see what kind of interest there is and my ears are wide open.
I would Love to hunt Brownies ! We have blacktail here, but maybe not as big ??

Ovis, are you in the Army of AF?
Here is your saver, You can always fly MAC.
HAHAAHHAAHAHA. You know that they provide the best in air transportation.

Is this hunt something that you are trying to see how many people would be interested in? If so, I would love to tag along.

Just seeing what kind of bite some of these ideas are gonna get. Got a big show of hands for POW. I was just throwing another suggestion out there. As much as I'd like to do every hunt I want, I'll have to limit myself to two next year. As of current, I am doing brownies in May and Moose in Sept. If the moose doesn't pan out, I want to either hunt Kodiak or POW.

Just giving folks ideas on somewhat reasonable (not gonna break the bank) hunts in Alaska, besides caribou.
YAh.. thats what I thought about a 57 3/4" moose.. so I slip the horns and put it together and now it's a 59 1/8" Moosie

Elkgunner, Haven't you already been to AK and not gotten a moose a few times ?!? How many times do you need to get disapointed in life ?
How did you get that extra 2 inches??? Did you respond to one of those SPAMs in your E-mail, advertising the extrat 2 inches???

And Moosie, yes, I have been to Alaska a few times, and not gotten a Moose, but I have gotten Moose Meat
. I only had the Moose tag one time and that was cows, cows, and more cows...

And for that reason, a Moose in AK is on my list of things I need to kill... Kinda like a bear in Idaho.... It sure seems like after I pack enough of something out, I think I deserve the chance to whack one for myself...

And I consider the Bull Caribou to be a bit more elusive, and more of a Trophy...
You are welcome to come by and look at them some more....