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Andrew McLaren Safari Hunt


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Here is a Letter sent by Andrews CLient that i was asked to post :

My opinion of the Andrew McLaren Safari Hunt on a scale of 1-10 is you get a 10, which is the best. You and your crew saw to it that all requests for personal comfort was met during my entire hunt. In addition the two bird hunts were an unexpected bonus, as was the visit to Kugersdorp Private Reserve where I got to see Lions from 25 feet away. Your taking us into Jo'Burg to do some shopping for our families was unique, as most safari hunts would not do something so personal as you did and take the time out.
Accommodations were very clean, and comfortable, with plenty of that good African Food which is absolutely delicious; After all I did not want to go there to eat pizza and hot dogs. Prices for the hunt and each individual animal were a bargain when you consider the size of the trophies which all exceed SCI qualifications. The hunt itself was outstanding in that it involves tracking the animals, instead of shooting them from the back end of an old Ford Pickup.
Personal safety involved in the hunt ranging from accommodations to making sure the game is dead, and danger from creatures such as snakes and other vermin was looked after by the entire crew. I thank you for a very satisfying hunt, and the beautiful animals you allowed me to harvest.

Pics like that get me pumped for next May. Congrats on the horned donkey
, I want one of them!