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Morning or Evening?

Morning or Afternoon/Evening?

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    Votes: 45 60.0%
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For whitetail majority of kills are afternoon/ evening probably due to more man-hours in the woods because of work requirements. For pure enjoyment nothing beats watching the woods come alive in the morning though! Elk kills are split evenly between a.m. and p.m.
Overwhelming majority of animals I’ve taken have been before noon. I tend to prefer that time. It’s nice to be able to pack out and take care of meat in the afternoon. It’s the morning hunt for me.
Younger years it was morning. As I've aged and learned a few things I've had better success after 2:00 p.m.
Early season whitetail I'd vote evening, once the rut starts and into rifle season mornings for me.
All of my muleys have been shot within an hour of sunset.
I’m split , looking at the bucks around the house it’s about a 50/50 split on deer harvests am/pm

But 4 or the 5 biggest bucks in my house were taken in the PM not counting this year deer, wife and I both harvested in the am this year

I would vote am just because I enjoy watching the sun come up as light first dawns and the excitement of a new day and what it might bring.
More than half my deer have been mornings.
All but 2 elk have been mornings. One was noon sleeping after lunch by a waterhole...ala BF.
Elk has been overwhelmingly morning success for me. Both in finding elk and killing elk.

My mule deer have all been killed in the morning as well.

Later season blacktails I've killed in the evening still hunting where I find the does that come out earlier.

In my office I have both pictures of a Sunrise and a Sunset. I feel more hope and positive emotion looking at the sunrise. The sunset makes me feel satisfaction if it has been a good day. i don't like the feeling of "running out of time in the evening though.
I like hunting mornings best, but I think I have killed more animals in the afternoon and evening.
well, that was a good evening hunt. sure, didn't go very deep - my brother still suffers from anxiety attacks when exerting himself due to his nasty bout of supraventricular tachycardia a few years ago. and from all the anxiety meds his fitness isn't what it used to be.

but we got a couple miles in and the hills lit up with deer starting around 3:30. this is only the second time he's ever come out for a quick hunt with me and he spotted the deer first. total count of 15 deer, 10 that were all within 700 yards down to 450.

not a single buck. i thought it was a guarantee one would turn up after seeing the first doe at about 3:15. that was good though, only his second time out and at least we saw plenty of deer.

i'm dumbfounded to have come across a bachelorette party during the rut and and not a single buck turns up to crash it. oh well. Three more days for me on this tag and I’m instead going back to a different area im rather familiar with. Weather should make for great hunting this weekend.

solid sunset.

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