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BOTSWANA: Leopard Hunt With Hounds - Botswana, Africa - September 2023

@TheGrayRider love the share of your adventure

I loved the sable on the highway sign warning motorists of wild game (and I suppose domestic as well) being free range and possibly road hazards.
Thank you for sharing!!! It's amazing how big of a role hunting plays in Africa. More than $341 Million contributed to the GDP of South Africa by hunters every year.

I wish hunting wasn't so politicized! I can't wait until I can plan a trip there!
Awesome posts thanks for sharing!
I think You just added something to my bucket list.

Were you able to bring the hide or skull back to the US?
Greetings. Thanks for the question. From my research so far, leopard trophies were not importable to the USA in the 1970s. Times have changed.

Leopards are now listed as CITES Level 1 animals, which means they are strictly regulated for trade by the numerous countries to the CITES treaty.

In summation, I will be able to dip-and-ship the hide and skull back to the States in due time.

Our hunting and conservation organizations like SCI and DSC, among others, regularly send representatives to the annual treaty meetings of the numerous countries. Our membership is therefore crucial to these organizations , worldwide hunting, and long-term sustained use wildlife conservation. Please join, rejoin, and attend their conventions, if possible.

In Africa, “If it pays, it stays” is the saying. Countries that have banned big-game hunting have eventually decimated their wildlife i.e. Kenya and India. The wildlife is not valued and poachers then move in. Very political topic and wildlife always is the loser!

Other experienced hunters may know more about the importation process and treaty than me. Happy hunting, TheGrayRider a/k/a Tom.
Those leopards are healthy thick bruisers!

Curious... are they similar to wolves in U.S.? I.e. skittish of humans or our rocky mountain cougars who seem to nerve me more so due to their sneaky methods. What's the threat level posed by leopards?

They sure look to be well fattened by, I'd imagine, a healthy smorgasbord or ungulates.

Grats on a great time! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing! Great leopard too!

I have been dreaming of Africa and going back for some time. My kids are finally getting old enough that they would enjoy the trip, and I can't wait to take them.
Never seen a photo of a dead Leopard held up by a human before, look at the size of those things. I could not bring myself to turn my dog's loose on one of them! Look at the difference in the size of the human head and the leopard head!
Great photos and write-up! I've spent a lot of time in East Africa (and going back again this year). I don't have familiarity with hound hunting there.

Do hounds have a high mortality rate out there? Where I've spent time in rural Kenya and Tanzania I would assume hounds would be killed quite often given the density of Lions/Leopards/Hyenas etc.
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