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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I swear there is NO FRIGGING Way I can Get my Backpack to close ....... But I'm only 1.5 Hours Into it :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

How Silly am I gunna look with a Backpack, and a Samsonite Suitcase hikeing in 16 miles this Saturday ?!?!? :eek:

I thought 5,500 Cubic In. was enough.....
LOL.... I could Vaccuum seal some Stuff but After Day one when I open it I'll be screwed.... Unless of course I bring the Vaccuum sealer WITH me.... HUmmmmmmmmm ;)

I think After 2 hours of checking the List and Slowly getting stuff in and Making sure I knew What Cubby hole everything was in, I'm down to the Food.

Even Dehyfrated Food is Bulky.. After 8 Dinners, Lunches, and breakfast's, It tends to take 4,000 Cubic Inches on its own. (NO comments on How Small Oameal is... I ain't eatin' it
Well.... My PAck is 2x the Size of T-bones... I set them side by Side. I think when He flys in tomorrow at 3:30 PM We'll do some Switcher-oonies ;)

My Packs 56 #'s I have still a gun and Bullets equalling about 12#(ish) If I can Pawn that on T-bone I think my pack will be 56# pluss a couple last min items (Dutch Ovens, Etc ;) ) and his 48(ish) (Pluss the water he needs to add and the 12-14#'s I'm shifting over) so We'll both be at 58-60#'s(ish) which Isn't too bad for 2 guys going in for a week ?~?~?~
I'll pack the rifle....I was thinking about that last night. I took the gunbearer off the pack, but I'll bring it with me.

My dreams were a mix of freakishly massive rams, short packs back to the truck, and we happened upon Playboy's annual Middlefork whitewater trip.......

I have 6 hours and 6 minutes of work left. Then I'll hop the plane and see you shortly.
Originally posted by T Bone:
and we happened upon Playboy's annual Middlefork whitewater trip.......

One of the world's best reasons to visit the Hot Springs at Loon Creek!!!!

Be safe and have a good trip... And you might want to re-check your pack, you never know what Moosie has transferred to you... :eek:
Gosh, I can’t believe it. Here it is time for Moosie and T-Bone to go on the big sheep hunt. I don’t even know you guys and I have been unable to sleep at night worrying (OK that’s a lie). I feel like a mother sending her daughter and new son-in-law off on their honeymoon to Mexico. Last minute advice, don’t drink the water, don’t eat anything from the street markets, watch out for the little kids selling stuff on the beach, they’ll steal you blind. Did they pack the condoms? Spermicidal foam? What if she gets her period? What if he doesn’t know what to do? What if she does? I’m getting kind of teary eyed. Ok that’s all a lie too. But I am worried about your trip (nuther lie). What if Moosie doesn’t take a big enough gun? What if he runs out of ammo? What if his tennis shoes fall apart two miles into the 12 mile hike. What if his battery operated blender breaks. What if T-Bone gets excited and gets even and shoots his ram THIS year. What if the petroleum jelly isn’t enough to keep Moosie’s cheeks from chapping. OK, OK, you’re big boys. I am very glad it’s you with the sheep tag Moosie (aaaand, one more lie) and not me. You deserve it sooo much. (nuther)

Best of luck to you and be careful down there. Otherwise you might end up drunk, dancing naked on the bar with a donkey and a tequila bottle up you ass (or so I’ve heard). Oh, that’s right you’re not really going to Mexico on your honeymoon.

Anyway, good luck to you. Be careful, watch your step, have fun, shoot straight and get a beeeeg one. And don’t forget to wear your lucky orange hat in the pictures. It’s so fashionable (one more lie for the road).

Can’t wait for the live updates you will post with your laptop and cellular modem.
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