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A happy story for bear spray proponents

I'm sure glad that one turned out good for every body!!!
Well I know the pepper spray didn't affect the bear I shot at all. Full can from about 10-15 feet did nothing. Made it hell on me trying to skin it because I could smell it and it kept me coughing the whole time.
I also shot a small blackie with some spray, it ran about 10 feet, turned and came back. I dont trust the stuff.
It is said that one out of twenty bears won't be effected, that is why I still try and carry the trusty pistola with me for back up...
It won't stop my 85 lbs German Shepherd, matter of a fact it won't even slow him, so I sure as hell don't trust it for bears. JMHO. In the story told I feel a can of compressed air or a blast of water would have had the same effect on the bear. All these success stories come down to the same fact, the bear was most likely just giving a bluff charge anyway and they get hit with the spray and run off. I will get nailed for this view but it comes after years of working with police dogs and being around alot of bears. Happy hunting, Casey
One thing they don't seem to tell every one is that one in twenty bears arn't affected by Pepper Spray....
I don't think I would like to be in that five percentile that find out this is one of those bears...
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