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Minnesota black bear recommendations


Jul 7, 2020

I am really wanting to do a black bear hunt. I've been putting this off for a few years now and want to go asap, hopefully in 2024. I'm thinking MN because its close, I'm from Iowa. I know parts of MN require preference points, which I have none unfortunately. But, some of the state is in a no-quota zone and doesn't require any points. I am hoping that I could get some recommendations for an outfitter in a no quota zone so that I could hopefully go next year. Or if a no quota hunt is a bad idea and I should build some points let me know, I dont want to waste my time & money.

Little bit of background, I have never bear hunted before. I deer and turkey hunt and did a WY pronghorn hunt, I've had success in all those.

Ideally I would like hunt with a bow, but open to firearm as well.

I'm hoping to go where there is good a good harvest track record and high opportunity/success rate, but maybe that is not such a thing in a no-quota area?

I'm not after the biggest bear by any means, I'd be super happy with a modest/average sized bear. I will say sometimes I see harvest pics and it nearly looks like someone shot a cub, I wouldnt want to shoot one like that and probably wouldn't even if it was the last day. I guess to try and relate to what Im saying is if I was deer hunting I wouldn't want to shoot a yearling or a 1.5 year old, but 2.5/3.5+ I'd be happy, if that makes sense.

I've explored online and searched through several outfitters sites. What I'm looking for is some good recommendations if anyone has any. Or a place to let me know to steer clear of. I really appreciate any feedback!
Go to Canada first and start building points in MN. Thoroughly check out guides in MN there's been some giving low quality hunts.
I don't have any help but I should hopefully get my mn tag in 24! Super excited! If I get any info I'll relay it I won't be using a guide but will relay what I can.
Northern Alberta for a big bear adventure

This YouTube video is from several years before our hunt, but it is the same location as my wolverine sighting, and 7’2” bear in the above story….

I went this fall with a great guy just across the border in Ontario (Near Thunder Bay), not a bad drive from Iowa. They have a ton of bears. Let me know if you'd like more info I'll be happy to share.
Definitely come to Canada for black bear (Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba). Probably the best bang for your buck and the highest odds at a big bear if you don't mind hunting over bait.
We have a cabin in MN (north of Deer River), in our zone it now takes 5/6 points to draw. I can't help you with spots in the no quota zone. If I were in your shoes I'd be looking at Canada. Good luck.

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