A great outfitter!!! yea right.


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Aug 22, 2002
Kind of funny, you guys know about my first time that i popped for a private land hunt turned out to be the biggest rip off of my life with Apache park outfitters. Check out his latest 4 reviews on huntinfo.com , he has more than me wanting his head on the wall. But i guess i ask too much when i spend 3900$ for a 1on1 hunt and see the other 2 hunters on the same 200 acre area at all times. How many of you have recieved this guys brocures in the mail? I wish i saw this before i went, but man this guy can sweet talk you out of your last dime thats for sure.
What a shame!! too bad you got ripped schmalts. Seems he may have heard about the bad pr and either payed some friends or bribed them to post good experiences about a hunt.. thanks for the heads up on a rip off outfit.
Actually you might have looked at the first few not the latest by date, # of 4 are terrible for 2002 season.
One of the postive hunts listed..the guy was obviously a NOVICE because he pointed out what a help they were showing him how to sight his gun in.
I contacted one of the other posters because it sounded like it was the same shithole property i was on and sure enough, it was. Same property, guides and tresspassing was going on. I will try to spread the word more as fall comes around to try and save someone from making the mistake i did.

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It used to be that most guides were in it for the fun and they could make a little money on the side. The problem is that more are in it for the absolute money and not for the fun of it. The guides are marketing more BS and the clients are expecting more. The results is what you received as a hunt.

I have guided friends and never took a dime for my services. I just enjoyed the hunt. I love to take beginners out on a rut hunt and get the bull all worked up and put the shooter about 80 yards in front of me. They usually can not hit the side of the barn, the arrow is jumping off the rest, because they are shaking so much. Last year, I took out two teachers every morning before school and got them back at school 10 minutes before the bell rang. One had to teach in all morning before he could change cloths. Since I live in Washington State, the land of liberals, this was definitely very funny. The teacher was asked many questions about this attire.

Back to guides: I have found elk and then had guides try to push their way into my hunt. My theory to this behavior is this and I hope everyone else does the same.

You arrive on the elk herd way before light and are keeping a safe distance down wind. You see the guide coming in on your hunt. You get your self between the guide and the herd and let them be your calling bitch. The guide will have another buddy with them to catch up with you. Keep the pressure up on the herd. Two things will happen. 1. You will most likely blow the herd out. 2. The bull will come in and you will get the shot. Either way you will dictate your hunt. Now you can start the chase… The elk will go up and over the next ridge and the lead cow will stand on the top of the next ridge most likely looking back to see if the danger is following them. Hook the ridge and keep on running. The guide and his client will not follow because most clients and or guides do not have the physical ability to keep up. This is why I run about 4 miles in the evening every day and if I have time I will run the 4 miles in the morning as well.

I see he just got an other review today, mine is now the fifth down.
Yes its sad, the first time i decided to see what a money hunt was like instead of throwing darts at a map and it turned out to be worst that going blind on public. I expected to see (and was told) to see a few quality bulls, and just wanted to make a stalk or two but that never happened. The outfitter knew that this property was drough killed, no feed, and no animals long before i booked. Even more so because it was a last minute deal, i booked a month ahead only.
There are a few of you that in the past have made comments about why i hate outfitters and this is why. I wish i found this website before hand.
Delw, this is why i never want to see any state go to manditory outfitter for nonres.

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