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2 - $50 prizes


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
To the winner of this new contest that I am putting together for '02.

I want to see a picture of you in a HUNTTALK.com hat with your "DEER" this year. I don't care if it's the Cammo, orange or white HuntTalk.com HAT !!!! I don't care from what state or with what weapon !! I will get all the entirs by Dec 31st and then compile them all on a webpage and we will vote for the best picture. 2 of the entries will get $50 cash from me !!!!

ALL pictures must be sent to : [email protected]

Pictures will be voted on several things. there will be a 1-5 score on Items like this :

1: How well you can read the hat.

2. How well the picture was taken, (I.E. Is the hunter centered and not have a leg cut off, or is there cool things in the background... Stuff like that).

3. The story that goes with it that will be 100 words or less.

ALSO, this is for 2002 hunts only. And no cropping pictures of this year with you're hat onto an old picture ;)

Right now there are "0" entry's ;) KEEP that in mind. If you want to buy a hat visit this link.

~~~~~ * H E R E * ~~~~~

What do you mean there is "0" entries?!?! I killed a buck and had a picture with that goofy hat on!! So that must mean there is "1" entry!! :D :D :D
moosie,.....why the dec 31st date? season runs through jan here.....can we send more then one entry?
Moosie, Zack and I killed a twelve pack the other night in camp. Does that count?
So.. we have like 2 entries.... MY gosh, maybe we'll just split the $$ and not have a contest ... ;) :rolleyes:

LEt's get buisy folks !!!! :cool: :D
maybe you should increase the pot......$50.00...kinda cheap, dont cha think?

make it $500.00.
christ, it damned near cost me 50 for the friggin hat. :mad:
I'm GUESSING the couple deer pics are in ?

LAST chance. Dec 31st is the deadline.... remember I'm not surfing the net for the Pictures and Story, it has to be Emailed to me per the rules of the contest. I'm building a seperate page for them for you guys to vote on.....

THANX, MAYBE next year we'll have more entries
I'm thinking nobody is going to compete with TurkeyEye on this one. ;)

Maybe next time dedicate one to kids, one to adults and you'll get more entries.


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Notice the 2 $50 that are going out.... I agree Turkeyeye will get my vote, but there are 2 winers and someone needs to win the 2nd one :D :D AND, there are guys like JB corp that will only vote for me :D :D
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>there are 2 winers and someone needs to win <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Does this mean the biggest winer wins?

Almost... BUT DS would beat ya hands down ;)

Uhhhhh PLEEEZE take my spelling into consideration in all my posts ;)