Your favorite Varmint Bullet

Mar 27, 2003
Just a little courious as to what everyone around the country. My varmint gun is a Rem. model 700 .222 Rem. with heavy varmint barrel. My bullet of choice is a 40 grain Barnes VLC.
without a dought the BARNES 40,50vlc's Hands down

except the 20cal, for them I like the 34.5 badger ridge bullets best

I haven't tried alot of bullets with my 22-250's. But the Hornady 50 gr V_MAX moly shows me excellent accuracy. Expansion is wicked.
I would like to try the Barnes VLC like Sly but I got everything tweaked to a point I don't want to change a thing. I have heard enough to wanna try Barnes VLC.

I was in the same boat as you. Nosler B-tips were awsome. But I went out on a limb and gave them a try. I will not shoot anything else now. I have Nosler B-tips, Combined B-tips, and Serria gamekings and they are all collecting dust. The VLC can group at 200 that is just a little bigger than the B-tips do at 100. I am a believer.

I have two new rifles that have not been shot yet I will not shoot any thing other than the coated X-bullets.
Ronnie I know what your saying about loyalty. I am a Barnes man. I have shot the X for a few years. And tried the VLC this year. I will be useing the XLC in my deer and bear guns.
I have heard that Barnes bullets are very hard to find the proper load for,and until you do find it they are not very accurate.
I like nosler b-tips pretty much all I use(for all guns). My gun of choice is my .243 old style 77r varmit with a 12x leupold on it...

I have about 200 lbs of berger bullets that I bought real cheap. I made his lead swedging dies years ago and before he sold out a guy that worked there sold me the... I have enough to last me 6 life times now.

I have heard the same thing. I have not had any problem. Funny thing one of our mutual friends tought me how to tweek them and they shoot even better than a wet dream.
The 85 gr NBT shoots the best in my .25-06, with the 87 gr TNT and 100 gr Sierra SBT coming in second and third. The terminal performace of the NBT and TNT is better suited to hides you don't want to save.
The 90 gr Sierra HP does well in the .270 Win.
In my 22 CHeetah MK 1 I use 52gr berger bullets pushed at 4280 FPS. Last time I was at the range (May) with the CHeetah I shot a decent 5 shot group, .704" - at 300 yards.

After I fry this barrel I am going to be using my own 22VR bullet.

The berger bullets I now use are moly coated and my bullets aren't. So I will switch after frying the present barrel.

I use Groove Bullets only in my other rifles.

In my ultra high velocity stuff (22-284) I shoot the 65gr Berger and the 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip. In my .17DT(.100"short.17ppc) I prefer the 30gr Gold and the 32gr Genco.
What grn are your bullets and how much are they? You can e-mail me if you like, maybe we can work a trade
Sure wish you would make a 20 caliber 34 or 35 grn bullet.