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Nov 28, 2001
Whats your favorite bow. Tell me why. Don't get flowery. Just the hard facts...
If you have a bow you don't like. What is it and why. :cool:
I had a bow about 12 years ago ,it was a hoyt game getter junior.
Our son got us into it,I didnt really like it all that much back then---I had fun in the field say alot of animals but never felt good about taking a shot and didnt like to practice alot.This Bow was heavy & hard to hold.
Couldnt get alot of help learning how to shoot at the time.
I was really way more into hunting with my rifle.
About three years ago Steve wanted to get back into the bow hunting,I told him to go for it but I would just learn to call and go with him.
He started doing 3-D shoots about the same time.
Much to my horror he bought me another bow ,and so there I was stuck with at least trying to use it.
This next Bow was lighter ,had a better let off,fit me and I was getting the right kind of help setting it up and shooting.

So I started out at 3-D shoots,by the second one I was likeing it
:D after the first year of being the caller and watching Steve miss a cow I called in I was back knowing I was going to start hunting with it.
So now I needed a better Bow LOL last year I got a High Country Lite Force.
Now were taking,This one fits ,its light,smooth to pull, easy to hold,is faster and I like how it looks.
So id have to say that is my favorate at the time.
There is alot to learn and I see this costing Steve more money in the future
:D :D OH NO, I think this might come under to Flowery ?

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only ever had 2 bows my first was an indian. it shot ok but never killed anything with it. sold it and got a browning bushmaster dlx. been useing that now for 15 years. always looking at new bows but still haven't found one i like better yet. it's nothing fancy but does the job just fine.
Only been bowhunting 2 yrs total. I have a Bear Archery Grizzly model. I bought it off my brother cheap!
Hope to get a newer model with more speed than the one I have now. My bow is fine but just a tad slower than I would like.
I am now shooting my favorite bow. A High Country Excalibur. This one is about six years old, but shoots like a new one and feels like an old pair of jeans. Little heavyer and a little slower than some of the new bows out there but haven't seen one I like better,(that I wouldn't have to sell my truck to buy anyway). :D

I really like the Mathews Q-2 but for what they want for it I will stay with what I have.
I've been shooting a Jennings Buck Master for the past couple of years. I have one set up for hunting and the other set up for 3-D shooting. For me the bow feels comfortable and shoots smothly. It is pretty forgiving on poor releases. I just enjoy shooting it.
I shoot a PSE.. BUT don't know nothing about it except when I practice I can hit a VITAL at 50 tards pretty easy :D

I actually jsut slipped in here to welcome our Newest member Allen Daros :D :D Welcome aboard ALLEN !!!!!!
I shoot a Martin Cougar Speed-Flite with a Tiger Tuff rest, and a Cobra Lectra-Lite site. Martin still makes the Cougar, but it is MUCH different from this one. I'd like a little more speed, I'm getting 228fps @70lbs with a 500gr arrow, but those round wheels just draw so smoothly! I installed Sims limbsavers last year. BOY, do they quiet down a bow.

Been playing with a Ben Pearson Spectre recurve that was made in '52, I think. Just need to find some more time...that thing is a blast to shoot.
I am shooting a left handed Hoyt Raptor. It is the only thing I do backwards (guess that explains why I can't hit sh#t) :D It is not a Mathews, but I like it. Only downside is I killed more deer with my first cheap bow while wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Oh the good old days, before I had to get a job and could spend lots of time in the woods. :(
I shoot a Mathews MQ2, before this i shot a Mathews Z-light. I tested a lot of bows before I went with the Mathews, It was just the most comfortable to me. Stan
I've got two bows. I keep two because I don't want to be screwed at camp if something really bad happens to old #1.

#1 is three year old Alpine Teton Classic. Good, smooth, quiet, and reasonably quick. 410 gr. sticks at 290 fps. with 70# draw.

#2 is a new Alpine Impact Extreme. I always wanted to try one of these ultra light bows, so when I reluctantly sold my other bow (PSE with the Lightning Cam) I picked up the Impact. The bow is 34" axle to axle and weighs 2.4 lbs. I haven't got too comfortable with it yet.
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