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Quietest bow?

I have a nitrum turbo I think 5 yrs old I don't think its noisy at all but did have new stings and cables put on it last yr that seemed to make it tighter the old ones were close to 1/4 inch stretched
My bowtech sr350 was noticeably quieter than mathews phase 4 29 shooting them side by side for a half hour in the now shop. Wife and bow shop employee agreed. Not much quieter but enough to discern a difference. I don't know about hoyt
Heavy= quiet all other things equal too. If your super worried about noise go with a heavy arrow. If your worried about slow arrows get a speed bow to push heavy faster.
Here’s a novel idea….IMG_0045.jpegSimple solution for string jumping…..get closer!
My Friend has the phase 4 and I have The Elite ERA. He thinks my Elite is quieter but I can't really say myself but it's pretty quiet. All bows I've had of late I feel would be quieter if the string stop could be eliminated. Of the newer bows I have, I feel the string stop makes more noise than anything else on the bow when the string hits against it.
Be sure you are shooting with your quiver off of your bow too for the lowest amount of vibration. Arrows in a quiver can vibrate during the shot and cause additional noise.
I shoot a Mathews HTR( 2015). It is as quiet as I will ever need, and I don't care if it is almost considered a relic!

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