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Yesterday was opening day!!!!!!


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Well yesterday was opening day of bow season and last night I got my chance at those bucks. The whole time they were there the little 3 point knew something was up and kept looking around. I finally got a shot with about 1/2 hour left of shooting light and under-estimated the distance and shot right under the 4 point :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: . I thought we was just under 30 yards when he was actually about 37. Trees, and brush and stuff can really throw you off!!! Oh well, that's hunting. I'm gonna go and try to get them again either today or tomorrow.
go get-um TK!.......
You're right TK that is why they call it hunting. Good luck next time and be sure to post some pics when the day comes!
Well I went out tonight and brought a new toy with me. A rangefinder!! Well about twenty minutes after I set up here they came up a trail that was 19 yards in front of me. First the 3 point then the 4 point came out and stopped just long enough for me to draw and shoot. I drilled him solidly getting him right in one lung and clipping the other. He only ran about 90 yards before he decided to take a permanent nap. He is 18" wide and about 17 1/2" tall and 4x3. I should have pictures in hopefully a week or so. Not bad for a last day of summer vacation huh??
Congratulations, TK, that's terrific! Were you in a blind? Did they suspect you were there? Had you checked the wind to make sure they wouldn't scent you? Give us more details, please, we're all really proud of you!

Musta made for a great first day of school, being able to tell your buddies the story!

Is he hanging in your garage, or is it too hot there? How'd you get him home?
Congrats on the deer. Getting one with a bow has been my biggest thrill to date even though they haven't been the biggest.
Congratulations Trophy_killer! Is that the first deer report for the year here, whew? :D Somebody with Bigtusker got one, but are they on the forum?

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Man, that is an early season! Congrats TK. You musta had them tamed up pretty good to get another whack the day after missing.
Sounds like a real nice buck......was he the biggest of the 3?
congrats on the buck! so who was more proud, you or dad?.......way to go TK !..............JB
Thanks everyone. We could only have him in the garage over night then my dad had to run to the butcher before the meat spoiled. He was the bigger of the two and I was just leaning against a tree with my face hidden behind some branches and they walked out. I'll post pictures in just a few minutes. I need to scan them and get them uploaded onto a server. Does anyone know what the minimum score you need for P&Y, B&C, and SCI for archery Blacktail/muley cross?? If someone would tell me I would greatly appreciate it!!!