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Wyoming Elk Unit 75


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Mar 1, 2003
I'm new to this site. I found it while surfing for info on wyoming elk hunt unit 75.
I drew the any elk tag and any info would be appreciated. I drove over and looked around on Friday. I'm guessing you will find this Elkhunter, I see you are from Jackson.
Sorry I can't be of any help to ya but I just wanted to say welcome to HuntTalk. What part of Idaho are you from??

Stick around here for a while, share some pics and a story or two and you will fit right in.
Welcome to Hunt Talk MuleyGod.

In area 75 you can expect to see a hell of a lot of orange. There is an old saying about a hunter behind every treee, well you had better bring your own tree.

Hunt the opening for good results, then be prepared to have luck on your side. Did you get antlered or antlerless?

Hunt early in the northern end.
Yep, see that now. Hunt the opening along Spread Creek and Uhl Hill. Any elk running around after the shooting starts head for the NF where an army of hunters push them right back into the park.
Thanks guys-I was also told that a majority of the tags are cow tags and that most people pretty much stick to the roads. How about getting up on the butte. I live in Idaho Falls so should be able to hunt at least 3 days a week 'til I find a good one. Are those elk moveing from togatee unit 79 down to the refuge or coming from yellowstone?
Early in the season they will be coming from the Teton Wilderness north of Moran mostly and some from Yellowstone. Most of the Yellowstone elk will come through there as you get farther into November and Decenmber. And a lot of that will depend on the weather.
Thank You Elk Hunter- When I'm in Jackson let me buy you lunch. I work in driggs and victor so am over there often. I also stopped into fish and game in jackson. They said hunt will be about oct 26 to Dec 6 or so. Do you recommend getting on the butte?
Along the top of the hill should be good, especially on the norht side where the timber is. I hunted the NF along the border of 75 and there were lots of elk. A lot of the elk from the NF go there when the Gen season opens and they get pressure. Sometime when you are over this way, let me know ahead of time and we can hook up. I do some of my weekend camping up there also.
What is the NF. Is that the refuge?

oh it must be national forest.

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