6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC Enough/Effective for Elk?

I agree with DFS. Keep doing your thing. I got kicked out of the 300RUM club. I was at the point when I wanted to hand it to my woman, or kids while hunting, it was like now hold on one minute. My sister shot an elk with it, my son once shot at an elk and got scoped, he was like.. WTF is up with this thing?!? :ROFLMAO:
I get it. It isn't for everyone. Not even close. So far I'm good with mine. It's not the only rifle I hunt with either. mtmuley
The photo below shows the shoulder blade of a calf my daughter shot at a little over 500 yards with a 147 gr ELD-M out of a 6.5 PRC. The elk dropped in its tracks. The day before that, she shot a bull, with the same shot placement, at about 250. It also dropped in its tracks.

Despite being a long time RUM/30 cal magnum fan, I was impressed. My daughter’s results got me to thinking that maybe I need to step down in horsepower myself. But, I would still like to have a 338 RUM…