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Wyo Success (Pics)


Feb 18, 2002
Hey all,

Here's a bull we got this year up north. Not a huge one, but we were happy. Here is a short story on the bull.

We hunt the heavy timber and our method of getting elk is to go in after them in their beds. We do not try to be quiet either, we just walk through the trees. The only thing we do different than other hunters is my friend justin can make an elk call just with his mouth that sounds(to my ears) exactly like a cow elk. I'm so used to this call I can pick out that stupid Hoochie mamma call that all the hunters use now lol. Well anyways the day before we were walking this patch calling. We walked up to two elk bedded down. I was in no hurry to get an elk so justin took a shot at them and missed them. They were bedded down!

Next day we go in that patch of pines right at first light and justin starts calling and we split up. Well I heard an elk respond to his call(a calf). I went and got justin(i can't do that call...yet). And he called again and they answered. They were about 40 yards away in the thick timber but we couldn't see them. We pin pointed where they were and we split up and circle into them. I start walking and about 2 mins after we split up i see the elk just standing there. I couldn't see their heads but at this point I was like screw it I'm gonna shoot the one that is broadside(its an either sex season). Well right when im pulling up my gun Justin shoots and the elk broadside to me stumbles! Justin beat me by a few seconds lol! I wont go into the details after that but lets say if you shoot a bull elk from 10 yards away, sometimes they will charge you. It was the funniest and one of the scariest things I've ever seen lol. We were on a meat hunt and even at 10 yards away justin didn't know it was a bull either.

DAMN So much for a short story huh?

Justin with the bull:


Me with bull:


Dont you guys just love our camo? And our hunting boots?
Nice "meat" elk Ernesto. Bigger than anything I have every taken. Congratulations.

Since you mention it, what's the story with the tenny-runners and the ski coat?
I guess winter hasn't made it to WY yet.

Not sure if your buddy realized it, but it hat is a little crooked.

I have not heard about hunting elk that way, but apparently it works well. Best of luck getting your elk next.

Everyone gives us crap that we wear tennis shoes. Everyone hunts in boots and so do we, when theres snow. But the last few years where we hunt there hasn't been snow for elk season.

The hat thing is funny too. We always wear our hats crooked when we hunt. Two reasons why is 1. we like to goof around and 2. the orange glare off the hat puts additional eye strain. I was just smart enough to fix my hat for the pics lol

Camo is stupid(but we'll use it bowhunting). I love those guys that wear camo shed hunting or wear camo when they are driving around in a truck/atv.
congrats on the bull and thanks for the story. camo isnt stupid if you hunt in states without hunter orange laws and are on private property so you dont get shot by some idiot who thinks you are an animal.it is pretty silly to put on camo and then cover it with orange, even if deer are colorblind the orange is solid and eliminates the breakup.
Congrats! I dig the shoes. Not only are they tenny-runners, but they're the Run DMC, fat-laced Addidas!