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Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
02015 Permit # 000014 BUCK ANTELOPE UNIT 9 10/1/2004 10/6/2004
03005 Permit # 000013 BULL ELK UNIT 8 10/1/2004 10/6/2004

early can you say early elk inunit 8)not that I care for elk buttttttttttttt I'll take it.

3rd time for antelope in the same unit

So you got rifle unit 9 tags for goats AND bulls !
Congratulations, you lucky dog !!!!!!!!!
Thats a really lousy bull tag, you should just hunt the antelopes, and save the bulls for me next year !
Yeah unit 8 for bulls and a early one, I didnt put in for any late hunts. me and my daughter Are trying to figure out how this is going to happen. all the dates are the same and I really want her to get a lope. I figure I will hunt hard for elk the first 2 days then head up the road 45 miles for lopes in the afternoon. Only problem where I want to hunt elk is about a days walk one way....

Delw... you dog!!!

Congrats on the tags. You should do well on both.

Delw if you want a hand on the 8 hunt for the first few days let me know (pending I don't have a client in there or in uit 10)..............Stan
I was just talking about you to oscar...

Might take you up on that. you know bear season will be going on also maybe we can due some bear hunting/ scouting?

Saw a nice bear in 21 a week ago and another nice bear in 6b this past weekend............

Let me know about 8, I'll be spending some time up there in the next few weeks.........Stan
WTG Del. That is good news. Good luck on both hunts.
You dog!!!! 2 great tags in one year!! Take some scouting pics for us unlucky draw guys. Get a monster so you know where to take me next year!!
I drew nothing in AZ as usual. Maybe i should apply with USO next year ;)
Vannilla Gorrilla, are you the Stan i think you are under a different name??
Congrats Del.. Just remember Dutch Kid Knoll and Hells Pocket.. Two places you don't want to overlook..

Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:
Most likely schmalts............
I figured as much, and yes USO sucks. They called me up because i drew a tag WITHOUT the outfitter preference in NM and still tried to tell me i should hunt with them because they know how to do it better. They would be the last guys i would give money if i had to. Besides, i would be afraid to sleep in any tent that had a big USO on the side!!! terrorist scare you know..LOL
So whats with the new name?
Thanks guys.

Elkgunner I think I had 2 bonus points, I got drawn in 2001 for unit 9 bull.
The bonus system doesnt really make any difference here in AZ, the only thing is really does is give you an extra chance at the draw.

It seems when I do get drawn for antelope (well three times any way). I get a choice tag with it as well.
1st time antelope unit 9 I got a 13b tag
2nd time antelope(one year later) I got a unit 12b tag late hunt
3rd time I get an early bull hunt.

While I dont really get overly excited about elk like I do antelope and deer this one is an exception cause its an early bull hunt and its not because of the size of the bull that can be shot at that time its just the fact that only 22 people will be in the whole area. Thats my kind of hunting. I just dont like hunting with hundreds of people in teh area.

My daughter is going on both hunts with me, she will definatly be taken lots of pics.
This one I plan on scouting pretty heavy, so fishing will be out the door for a month+ too bad to cause I got 3 big tournys at this time, 2 championships and one reg tourny. 2 of them we fish for boats and one just for a big check.

I havent fired a shot out of my ruger #1 .300 win mag since the last elk hunt in 2001, so it will be going, I hink I olny fired like 20 rounds oout of the gun since Ive had it.
my ruger 77v in .243 will be used for antelope and again I have shot it since my last antelope tag( i might have shot it 3 times at coyotes)

I am going to try to head up there in 2 weeks, this weekend I have a small tourny at pleasant
after that I should be open, unless I cancle this tourny.

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