Whiskers New Jersey 8 point


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az

Thanks for the compliments. The deer in the background are a 5 point and a 6 point. Mine weighed 80lbs. It was the biggest. We killed 13 buck that day. Mine was the biggest. If I can figure out how to send it I will send a picture of the meat pole with all them hanging. JB nice talk, call me Lardass. It was minus 3 degrees with a pretty stiff breeze that day. I had 4 pair of pants, and my bibs on. Plus 2 long john tops, and 3 sweatshirts. When I was in the tree I had a big ol coat on two. Could hardly move.
Great pic Whiskers

Man this is scary......you kin to Danny Baize aka DeerCampDan
by any chance
Ithaca, Between Tuckerton, and New Gretna. Bass River State Forest. I heard him coming, he was gone just as fast as 4 legs would take him, had a big ol fat doe right on his butt. Both of em moving, I was shootin 00buck. Hit em in his brisket and right side, he slid sideways, and kept on coming right at me. The second shot he was about 8 feet and still trucking. That shot took him in his left side. He kept on movin, never slowed down, there was a gully behind me about 6-7 feet deep, about 15 ft across he cleared that gully, she didn't......... hit the bank on the other side and did a back flip landed on her back and couldn't get up. The first thought in my mind was that the second shot hit that dang doe. Then to my releif she jumped up and ran off, no blood where she was flopping around. There was about 2inches of snow on the ground, so his blood trail wasn't too hard to find. He was layed up under some holly trees about 200 yards from where I shot, still alive. I fixed that situation. It was a good hunt. Nice thing is we allowed 2 buck here, and unlimited antlerless.
Flipper, I am gonna ask my Dad he ever been to Texas. I know my granma was born in Texas and spent most of her life there. Might be some kinda connection. I doubt it but might be. DCD is a real good looking fella ain he??

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whiskers, sorry bout the lard ass comment, i thought you were someone else.

again, congrats on the buck.
nice buck whiskers congrats. hey Flip they do look like brothers him and dan don't they
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