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Whats the best elk hunting saw?


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Aug 22, 2002
Whats your saw? what do you like about it? good packing size, legth of blade?
I use a saw by "Outdoors Edge". I like it because it is light and folds up nice and small. only about 1 1/2" x 12". I will find a picture of it and post it for you schmalts. It's also an inexpensive saw too.
I have the one Ithaca recommended (Wyoming Saw.) I love it. My brother gave it to me for Chirstmas a couple of years ago, I can't believe I got along this long without one. They are the best!
I don't go afield without the Wyoming comes in two sizes but either will get the job done. Both wood and bone cutting blades,....handy as shit.
Never need a saw. We always bone the meat rather than pack out all that bone..
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by tmsander:
I don't know why you would need a saw. I have a Wyoming saw, but I sure don't carry it in the field.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I am doing more packing in trips and have a need to cut wood, also would remove the scull plate to lose the poundage for packing out.
Ok is why you might need a saw. It is snowing like hell.....spike camp is about a mile and a half away, and dark is about 30 minutes away, but you just dropped your bull. So do you spend the next couple of hours in the dark fuggin with him, or do you quarter him, throw him on the ponies and get him back to camp in a blink, where you can deal with him in a more suitable environment........well, I personally like to quarter him and get him back to camp where there is ample light and a few cold ones,...but that is just me. Everyone's style is different.....

While it is possible to quarter an elk without a saw.......with a saw makes about a minute and a half job out of it
wink.gif I said, I don't leave home without it.....

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OK DS... if its snowing like hell, then its cold and that bull will be just fine overnight if ya get the guts out. That's what I've done before and probably what I would do again. And I've never needed a saw to quarter an elk, in fact would prefer not to use one for this job. The extra 90 seconds it takes me to quarter without a saw is worth not having the extra weight on my back all day long.
Ok Ok.. let me sort this out. Here's how I see it.. If I was in DS's position where I had horses. I would take the saw, no doubt. Quarter em up quickly and then get home. Now if I backpacked in or just hunted on foot. I would not carry a heavy saw. I do carry a lightweight handheld folding saw though and it works just fine. So I can see the advantages both ways.. Alright now everyone should be happy..
I backpack. In that case i would want to remove the skull from the horns for saving poundage. I dont know if some saws would be up to this task.
If I were backpacking in, I'd take a saw too, as there would be multiple uses for it. But, as I dayhike in, and am never more that 4 or 5 miles from camp, and will undoubtedly have to make mutliple trips anyway, I don't carry the saw in the field. I can always bring it in on a subsequent trip if I need it.
Bo......the Wyoming saw breaks down and straps to your belt just like a knife, and only ways less than a half a pound, so there is really no reason not to ever have one handy. It has both wood cutting and bone cutting weight or bulk issue to speak of, so why not be prepared for anything, right.

Todd, I'm not fond of leaving elk over night.....bears and what not in my area, and it really is painless for me to get the lek to camp without much sweat. The saw makes quick work of detaching the head as well as the lower legs below the knuckle....I know it can be done with a knife......but I've done it both ways and it is quicker for me with the saw.

Pat......if you plan of skull capping the rack, the Wyo Saw would be ideal. Fits on your belt in a scabbard, and makes quick work of the job. I guess a saw is not for everyone.......but it has been one of my better investments.
DS, I thought maybe you'd reply differently about "whats the best saw" after the last elk hunt we did...that being the saw that wasnt sitting back at the truck!

I'd say for weight and just a damn good saw, the Wyoming saw is hard to beat. I usally just drop mine in my pack and keep it there all the time, it only weighs a pound or two.
DS - with horses you have the luxury of getting your game out the night you shoot it as well as the luxury of not caring about a half pound of extra weight.

I'd rather carry a half-pound more water than a saw. And pretty much any critter I shoot at night stays there till the next day. I always dress up the area with a couple of my stinky sweaty shirts and I've yet to have anything disturb the carcass.
I have a BUCK saw by the famous knife company. It features two cutting edges.
One is a double cross cut for tree limbs. The other is a meduim pitched single cut saw for bones.

For deer, I use a small saw that I made. Frame looks a little like a coping saw. But its light and is fitted with a medium pitch band saw blade 5 inches long. Punched the holes with a Whitney.
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