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Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Your out hunting on the second to the last day of elk season.
You hook up with a guy that wants to kill and elk, and has never done so in his life. he also has to leave for home early the next morning so he cant elk hunt after this last try.

You been seeing about 30 bulls a day spikes to decent rag horns, so you take him to a local stock tank and try to vid of him shooting his bull.

The stock tank is 80 yards from extreamly thick brush its just starting to get dark( you have about 10 mins of shooting light left)
As your sitting there talking to the guy you find out that he hasnt shot more than 1 box's of shells through his new gun in 1 and a half years.
You tell him where to shoot the elk so you dont have to track it in the middle of the night.
Just then 6 or so cows come out 3 spikes and a weird looking 3x7( i thinks thats what is was)
Your not interested in shooting anything so you leave your gun unloaded.

The guy has a nice seady rest and the shot is 60 yards across the tank.
he takes the shot and gut shoots it. he is thinking it is a good hit so lets it start to take off and doesnt rack another shell into it. the elk is running right for the thick shit. on the other side and about 1 mile away is the grandcanyon and the elk will not be recovered if it makes it to the canyon.
Chamber a round and put the bull on the ground. Nothing worse than losing a hit animal. I'd expect the same from my hunting partners if I make a poor shot.
tell him to dhoot it again!!!!
Oh its going to get alot better, this is only the first half.
I spent 14 hours with the guy

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Your not interested in shooting anything so you leave your gun unloaded.

If I am hunting, my gun is ready to go.

I agree with the others, put more bullets into him. I would expect the same if I didn't make a good hit.
I agree. I always tell my hunting buddoes to back me up in case I make a bads shoot. So far we have not have to do that. But you never now. That my opinion is that you keep shooting until the animal is down.

Mt Miller, I use a ruger number one so I never load my rifle until I am ready to squeeze the trigger.... just a habit for me

Now for the rest of the story

After he hit the elk in the gut it paused for a few mins and started to walk in circles, the others just continued like nothing happened.
I tell the guy to shoot it again and he says no it will die. then I said shoot it again or I will. at this time the bull makes a run for the thick shit I grabbed my rifle popped a round in it and took a shot. it was running up and way from me so I aimed at the front part of its shoulders right wear the neck hooks up.
Popped it right in the spine( it was a pretty lucky shot, but hell you cant miss at 80 yards).
it dropped in its tracks.

When I shot it he freaked out and started chewing my ass saying I shot his elk. this went on for a few mins and I simply told him I didnt want to track an elk all freaking night. I also told him his shot would have killed the elk and I didnt want that elk anyhow.

so we start walking over to it. we are about 25 yards from it and it kinda gives that death kick. I was watching the other elk (that were still drinking at the tank not 10 yards from us) and hear a boom. I was like WTF he shot it again.

Now this elk is completely blown in peice's
7mm and corelocks do some major damage.

now this is where it gets fun and the work comes in.
the elk is only 200 yards from the road where his truck and my dads ATV was(yeah I didnt feel like driving my truck to this spot, and knowing he would kill something I was going to use it to pack it out).

he didnt know how to gut and elk and couldnt handle the smell, so I finished that, then I go and grab the quad to drag it to the truck cause he didnt want to quarter it.

We get it to the truck and spend and long ass time skinning and trying to get it in the truck, which we finally did. he wanted to do all the skinning so I sat back and watched.
I happened to look at the clock and it was like around 10 pm. then told him to put it in his truck cause I got to get some sleep.

he gets it in and I head back to camp and he takes off. I gt to camp and just for the heck of it drive to his camp where he is having a hard time .

finally around 1am -2 pm I decided to leave, he had it 1/2 done. I just went to bed all bloody and dirty.

i ould always back up the first shot. if this guy doesnt expect that he shouldnt be hunting. i back up my kids and they will back me up. a new hunter may not understand a death tremor and if you didnt see him shoot again you couldnt stop him.if you put down a wounded animal to stop it from making you track it but his shot would have killed it i say it was his elk. that means he should have gutted it and if he couldnt he shouldnt hunt anymore. bottom line is i wouldnt hunt with the guy anymore or else i would teach him to be ethical.
NO I never planned on hunting with him was just trying to help him get an elk.
the first shot would have killed it maybe in a day or 2 . I just said that to him cause I didnt want to tag his elk. I still had one more day togo. and wanted to wait at another spot incase a big one did come by.

I'd a said "nice shot", then smacked him in the back of the head and said "NOT".
I just coached my girlfriend through her first long range shot. She was sighted in on the sucker at around 430 yards, it was moving towards us and just said wait till it gets as close as possible. Got to within 325 yards and said take the shot, she hit it and killed it.
At my hunting camp we got folks using 338 win mags, 300 wby mags, one guy even has a 375 ultra, and they all make terrible shots and lose at least 6 deer a year.
Now just in case I make a bad shot next year Elk hunting, well your not gonna hear "What would you do (53)" outta me lol.

Anyone who is my partner better be there to back me up on elk if need be! If you and I were hunting Haller Pass on the Westfork next to the Mount Rainier Park, and I wounded
a elk, I would expect a backup shot if you were near. Nobody wants to go get ranger Rick
to get permission to go inside the interior
of the park. I think you did the right thing.
This guy is pretty ungratefull!
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