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What is the best back pack

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Sep 8, 2002
I know I read some ideas somewhere but can not find them. I am looking to get a new backpack. I was down to two, the Endurance pack by BIANCHI and the Elite Scout Pack by Cabela's. Cabela's sells both. Cost around 69-89 bucks. Any thoughts. It would be used as a day pack to just carry the day to day stuff. Any suggestions or help??
I have had the bianchi pack for about 4 or 5 years now... I love it. The only down side to it is I have a tendency to take to much crap with me. I can get it all in there with no problems but sometimes with too much clothing the pack tends to "ball up" on my back. But other than that, I usually pack about 20 pounds of crap in it and have never had a problem with my sholders hurt.

One other thing that I hate about it is... I have a fairly big chest, and most all packs don't fit me all that well, the chest strap is too high on the shoulder straps and has a tendancy to slide up and choke me. So I am constantly pulling it down.

I have a freind that has the same pack and he has absolutely no complaints... I will probably buy another when this one gets worn out... Its got a lot of miles on it and is still going strong!
For hunting in the Mtns, I no longer have much use for a pack that can't carry a load of meat on the first trip out. Yesterday I had to make a trip sans meat to get back to the truck to get the frame pack. Which while good at hauling meat is useless for hunting as it is load and I have to carry my rifle in my hands. My next pack will be a Kifaru Longhunter.
I have one big enough for all my stuff.LOL
No I got my at Walmart. Is a fieldline guide or something like that. Works great for me. Don't feel the need to spend a ton of money on one if this one does the trick and it also leaves me more money to hunt.
Although mine can not go on my back, the one I have is plenty big enough to haul all of my gear very comfortably. I can easily pack out an elk on it with little trouble. In fact, I can take my gear in and an entire elk out in one trip. This my friends is the best pack going in my opinion.



I would take 1-Ptr's reccommendation with a grain of salt, as he hauled his Elk out on an ATV

This year, I decided to hunt with my Internal Frame Pack (Lowe Alpine Contour), under the theory that I could haul out a quarter on the first trip. And the second trip back in, I could take my External Frame pack.

Now other than the Elk not assisting me in trying this out, I think it worked ok. Hunting with the Internal frame pack beats the Frame pack for quietness and not hanging up while going under trees.

The only meat I hauled out was a cape/head/horns on a mule deer plus about 20lbs of meat, maybe less. But it was fine, and I have hauled more weight backpacking with it, so I was comfortable with the theory.

The Kirafus are nice packs, but they sure want a fortune for them. I think I would like to see one in person.

Also, Sportsman's Warehouse is now carrying a line of packs that an Olympic Biathalete up in Sun Valley designed for hunting, that include an internal scabbard, that quickly allows access to the rifle. Seems like a nice pack, but I have alwys been in a hurry when I walk past it, so I haven't spent any time dinking with it.
In my opinion the BEST back pack there is...is the kind that has my elk on it on someone elses back...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL LOL

Quick Draw
Elkhunter I have horses at home but drive 20 plus hours to hunt so haven't brought them. Many time wished I had them.

Should I just spend the extra and get a pack frame? Many days it is sit and stalk sit and stalk and so on. Don't want something to bog me down.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I would take 1-Ptr's reccommendation with a grain of salt, as he hauled his Elk out on an ATV .
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Hey, dangit, 50% came 75% of the way out on Shank's Pony!

I'll check out that pack at Sportsman's. If you want to check out a Kifaru, there at the FNAWS meeting in Reno every year. Maybe me, you, and BHR could ride down together and share lodging!

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Maybe I could just borrow one or both of your packs. Really though I am open to ideas on packs. Is the Sportsmans one on a web somewhere?
For serious backpacking and bivouc hunting Kifaru's Longhunter series are the best...In my opinion.

For day hunting I use a big internal frame fanny pack from Buck's Bags in Boise.

I am guessing Paul ain't gonna let me change the Radio to my stations if we ride with him. And he probably won't appreciate me pi$$ing in empty beer bottles, so we don't have to stop...

I have always been afraid of going to FNAWS-Reno, as I would feel like a poor boy there.
If you guys are planning on going to FNAWS-Reno I'll offer my single-wide for sleeping accomadations.

The exhibits are fantastic. Outfitters from all over the world, optics, firearms, gear of all kinds. While some of the hunts and products are for the wealthy, there are lots offered that are within reach of normal working class people.

It was at FNAWS that I first tried the Kifaru system. They hooked me. The wife enjoyed going. Lots of expensive eye candy targeted at the females.
Hey gunner, they make Kifaru packs just down the road from me, (ok, about 50 miles down the road), so if your down here next fall... They're still too pricy for this poor boy.

I've got the pack that SS34 posted the link to. It's a good pack, but...

1) The saddlecloth gets very inflexible when it's cold, which also makes it a little noisy.

2) I'd prefer one large pocket, instead of having the spotting scope pocket in back, center. It makes the main pocket too small to easily fit a bag of meat into it.

3) The water bottle pockets are too small. I'd prefer them to be big enough to fit a Nalgene bottle, although I see that they sell bottles that fit the pockets.

It's still a great pack. Shop around, though. It's $125 most places, but I got mine brand new on Ebay for $70 shipped.

'Gunner- We'll see if you can pee in a beer bottle while the driver swerves around roadsigns. Heck, we may be able to make that an Olympic sport! I know FEW does fine on a stalled I15 in SLC!
You mean you don't think Paul would like the Pop/R&B that you and Moosie listen to? I'm sure we could switch to Rush for a short while.

T-Bone- I'll be in touch and may take you up on the offer if'n I come sans wife. Wouldn't want to keep the kids up and have the dog howling WITH ME!

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Anybody that can pee in a beer bottle in a moving truck either has extraordinary aim and control or a real small...
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