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What feeds your whitetail fire?


New member
Mar 15, 2002
I recently saw this question asked in a magazine and was amazed with the range of different responses. Out of all the hunters that were asked this question, not one of the hunters' responses was the same as the others, they were all completely different. Although we all know that we love to deer hunt, it's in our blood. It's the "reasons" behind what we love doing so well that is amazing, those things, the driving force behind it all that keeps us going back for more. The question is as follows:
"If you talk to a lot of hunters, you'll find there are all sorts of reasons for the obsession with whitetails. What's yours?"
I was driven to hunt whitetails due to the fact that was the only big game species in IN. Once I get some more exposure to hunting other types of big game my perceptions may change. That being so, the biggest driving force for me is the challenge to out smart an animal who has evolved some extrodinary capabilities to avoid being killed. It's me vs. Mother Nature.