Welcome ELKGUY !!!


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
We won't hold it against you that you're a Utard ;)

Serriously though, Pull up a Stump and Share our Campfire. Good to see someone here that likes Elk, We could use more of ya !! Tell us about yourself.

PS, Spelling is an Option at Moosies Hunttalk.com ;)
MAN... I must of Scared ya off last night. I seen ya Browsin '.

I also Remember a Time when someone new came on and by the time the guy/gal posted there was 30 Welcomes... AHHHhthe good ol' days
ELKGUY, welcome aboard X30.
(How's that Oscar?) Seriously, although I havn't posted much as of late, Moosie's is an informative place with with some good natured folks. Hope to read some threads of yours.

BOHNTR )))----------->
LOL.. thats Awsome you two ;) . I usually don't Make a Welcome to people until they post. Alot of People register then don't post or don't know how or loose the link or whatever. If I do see the person thats registering new online Looking at a Section (Like elkguy browsing the Elk section last night) I'll usually drop a howdee.... I did and NO responce.... But it's early still, for some people this place has TOO much info to handle all in a day

BOPHNTR, good to see ya bud, It's been awhile.
A little belated here, but that is the nature of me in the summer time...
Hope you come back and welcome aboard if you do...